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Need Haircut Advice Please?

I have an oval face, fine, thin hair that is naturally wavy (sometimes curly cause of the layers) & I'm looking for a haircut that will flatter my features while adding some thickness. I want something simple, as my busy work schedule doesn't allow me much time to style my hair after I wash it. Thanks!

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    I think you should get something that is longer. and has a fringe so it can frame your oval face more.

    Get some layers to thin it out.

    like that link.. around that length. Having short hair when your hair is curly might make your head look like a broccoli. You might have to cut it every 1.5 - 2 months tho

    Source(s): My family owns a hair salon
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    9 years ago

    Don’t make such an quick decision to cut your hair. If your desired thickness and style won’t come means it will hurt you more. You can consult somebody for your hair maintenance needs. They can provide you the best ideas to strengthen your hair and do the best hair style that fits your face. Here is one online source that contain a hair specialist with the experienced knowledge in hair maintenance needs…

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    you should add some bangs,and maybe cut your hair in a v shape,it will look good.

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    Go bald.

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