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Why does the US government think math/science education is more important than...?

history, culture, and language education? Obama only seems to be worried about "STEM" subjects (science, technology, education, and mathematics), so why is it any surprise American education is failing? I have met many kids who had no idea what or when World War II was! Or the American Revolution!

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    Good question, why don't u send a letter to the department of education

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    Is knowing about the American revolution going to affect your ability to get a job? No. Is knowing how to diagram a sentence going to make you a millionaire? Absolutely not. Could majoring in technology give you a high ranking career in Microsoft or Apple? Yes. Is math used in virtually everything? Yes. Are those two subjects the fundamental key to success in the 21st century? Yes. Is it sad that kids don't know their own history? Certainly. Should they know? Absolutely. But, is it necessary? Nope. As for diagramming sentences and doesn't matter and that's what Spell Check is for. It wouldn't hurt to know this stuff but, what really should be taught to us is business and taxpaying etc.

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    that must be why 4 years of english and history but only 2 years of math and science are required to graduate high school. it is about time that the math and science which powers every aspect of our modern lives gets the attention it deserves.

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    Think about this question. Are the "softer" disciplines pushing technology forward? How many historians or linguists are out there right now inventing the Ipad?

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    because for the time being thats where the jobs are at.

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