How to make my boyfriend quit smoking?

I've been with him 5 years and he just started smoking. It makes me cry. He said he don't wanna quit so what's the point ? I said cuz it upsets me and that I thought that would b enough to make him quit. Alls he said was " u would think" what do I do ? :(

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    Why Quitting Is So Hard

    It is difficult to quit smoking—even for those who are highly motivated. Mainly, this is because the nicotine in tobacco is a highly addictive drug. “In a ranking of the addictiveness of psycho-active drugs, nicotine was determined to be more addictive than heroin [and] cocaine,” states WHO. Unlike heroin and cocaine, nicotine does not produce dramatic evidence of intoxication, so it is easy to underestimate its power. Yet the mild sense of euphoria it produces keeps most people smoking so as to experience the feeling repeatedly. Nicotine really does alter your mood; it does soothe anxiety. However, the tension the cigarette reduces is caused in part by the craving for nicotine itself.

    It is also difficult to quit smoking because smoking is a behavioral habit. Apart from being addicted to nicotine, smokers develop frequently repeated routines of lighting up and puffing. ‘It’s something to do with your hands.’ ‘It fills time,’ some may say.

    A third factor that makes it difficult to quit is that tobacco is woven into everyday life. The tobacco industry spends almost six billion dollars each year on advertising campaigns that depict smokers as glamorous, active, healthy, and intelligent people. Often they are shown riding a horse, swimming, playing tennis, or engaging in another appealing activity. Movies and television programs show people smoking—and not always the villains. Tobacco is legally sold and is readily available virtually everywhere. Most of us are never far from someone who smokes. You can’t escape these influences.

    Sadly, there is no pill that you can take to eliminate the desire to smoke as an aspirin might eliminate a headache. To succeed in the difficult task of quitting, a person must be motivated. Like losing weight, it requires strong commitment for a long time. The responsibility for success lies with the person who smokes.

    Hooked Early

    A study in the United States showed that 1 in 4 young people who tried cigarettes eventually became addicted. This was similar to the addiction rate of those who experimented with cocaine and heroin. Though about 70 percent of adolescent smokers regret having started, few are able to quit.

    What Is in Cigarette Smoke?

    Cigarette smoke contains tar, consisting of over 4,000 chemicals. Of these chemicals, 43 are known to cause cancer. Among them are cyanide, benzene, wood alcohol, and acetylene (a fuel used in torches). Cigarette smoke also contains nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, both poisonous gases. Its main active ingredient is nicotine, a highly addictive drug.

    Helping a Loved One Quit

    If you are a nonsmoker who knows the dangers of smoking, you likely feel frustrated when your friends and loved ones continue to smoke. What can you do to help them quit? Nagging, begging, coercion, and ridicule seldom meet with success. Neither do condescending lectures. Instead of quitting, the smoker may reach for a cigarette to ease the emotional pain these tactics may cause. So try to understand how difficult it is to quit and that for some it is much harder than it is for others.

    You can’t make a person quit smoking. The inner strength and conviction to quit must come from the person who smokes. You need to find loving ways to encourage and support a desire to quit.

    How can you do that? At the right time, you might express your love for the person and say that you are concerned about his or her smoking habit. Explain that you will be there to support any decision to quit. Of course, if this approach is used too often, it will lose its effectiveness and meaning.

    What might you do if your loved one does decide to quit? Keep in mind that he or she may have withdrawal symptoms, including irritability and depression. Headaches and difficulty in sleeping might be problems too. Remind your loved one that these symptoms are only temporary and are signs that the body is adjusting to a new and healthy equilibrium. Be cheerful and positive. Express how happy you are that he or she is quitting. Throughout the withdrawal period, help your loved one avoid stressful situations that could lead to a relapse.

    What if there is a relapse? Try not to overreact. Be compassionate. View the situation as a learning experience for both of you, making it more likely that the next attempt will be a success.

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    Notice his erection. After I quit I had the hardest since I was 17 years old and had the sex drive of a bunny rabbit on viagra. Funny yes but really I could hang 5 towels from it no problem. Be ready to talk to him about what it's going to do to the lower regions and be enthusiastic about it. I think that would do a lot to help out with the quitting.

  • 8 years ago

    You can start by not letting him smoke in your house, or in your car, or around you. Don't make a big fuss, just say "I don't care if you smoke or not, but it's my house/car/clothes and I don't like it when they smell of smoke."

    If he goes to kiss you after smoking, again, don't make a big fuss, just tell him his breath smells and to go and use some mouthwash before kissing you.

    The thing to remember is that you can't make someone change by nagging them, but by making something inconvenient for them, then you can gradually lead them to the point where they make their own decision to do what you wanted them to do all along.

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  • 8 years ago

    He suddenly feels he has to assert himself by doing this. It will be a way of life with him that he is going to do what he wants to do. If you are prepared to live like that don't do anything. If you don't want to live like that time to move on. He may try to get you back by quitting but it would be a short lived quit once he feels he has won you back.

  • 8 years ago

    You can't change another person, but you can change yourself.

    You have discovered something about your bf. He doesn't care

    about his health. or the health of the people he lives with. Now

    you have to decide if you want to change..... like getting away

    from him, Besides, 5 yrs, and still a bf? Why aren't you

    married already? Or is he using smoking to drive you away,

    because he is too weak to break up with you?

    Just a few things to consider

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    If you hate smoking. Don't date smokers. That's just common sense.

  • 8 years ago

    if he wants to then let him. trust me on this one , nothing can make a man do something he doesn't want to. but he'll eventually come around to quiting on his on

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Dunk him over smoking... Then he'll stop and come back to you if he loved you.

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  • 8 years ago

    You can't 'make' someone quit. Your nagging will only make him hide it from you

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