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how to relieve a yeast infection in the mean time..?

Hi there, just thought i would see if any one has any suggestions on how to relieve symptoms of a yeast infection while waiting for the 3 day treatment to work.. its not too itchy but i do have a few cuts down there that are very irritating and when i insert the medicine at night its irritating for a good half hour.. any suggestions untill the medicine kills it?

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    Yes maam, for now sit in the tub of cool water, only enough to cover your vagina. Use half cup of each salt and vinegar, if you have some witch hazel, use half cup of that too. Its ok to use all three, I have millions of times. Sit for abt 10 mins in tub, pat dry, the sit in front of a fan til completely dry or fan dry it. No underwear, the more air, the better. STOP SCRATCHING for goodness sakes, it will only bring more cuts and then more irritation. Now for future occurrences, I use yefense, they are natural probiotics supplements that put good bacteria back in your body to help build immunity and fight the bad yeast and bacteria that keeps flaring up your yeast infection. I've been on them for years and haven't had another yeast infection since. They've been a miracle to my down-there problems. And the medicine will not kill the yeast it will only put it at bay, it will come back, its us girls curse. Hope this helps you sweetie!

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    A cool to cold wash cloth laid on the area will help.

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    try the acidophillus tablets..they really help..

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