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Question refers to anyone that has ever had AP World History?

Is AP World History hard at all? Because i found my history class really easy my first year of high school so i have signed up to take AP (Advanced Placement) World History but everyone is now telling me that i made a bad decision because that class is very hard?

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    It really depends on the teacher you have for the class. I took the class sophomore year and my teacher was super easy, resulting in an easy A but I got a 2 on the AP exam. And the information overall is easy to understand, just always read your book and always keep in mind the MAJOR civilizations in the subject. I cannot stress this enough. But hopefully you have a teacher that prepares you for the test but doesn't stress you out too much!

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    I took all AP courses in high school. some were easy others not so much, as for history, in the 9th and 10th grade it was easy, just a little more fast going through the material, more homework and readings, essentially the same thing, just much faster and the teachers hold u to a higher standard, like with essays ect. try it out for the 1st week, if u find it to hard just switch back and take the higher grade, rather than doing bad in an AP class and lowering your GPA/average

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    I have nerer taken AP history, but did take Honors history classes in both high school and college. Mostly, you need to read before class and be prepared to talk about what you read during class. This is critical. Honors(and I suppose AP) classes are designed to teach you to think critically and answer the question WHY - as opposed to just memorizing dates and events. Be prepared to read and think and you will do fine. Good luck.

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    I simply took AP European History as a freshman (my first AP elegance). I labored fairly tough to get an "A", which I did acquire. Despite what others might inform you, even as AP Euro is tough, it's doable, and it's undoubtedly now not unimaginable to get an "A". Usually, homework is composed of notes, and for every unit you may have approximately 50 flashcards (however you may have the whole unit, that's mainly weeks lengthy, to do them). In case you're puzzling over, I bought a four at the examination.

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