Any opinions as to what is happening to the FDA, in accordance to what, how many DRUGS are marketed?

ONLY to be withdrawn soon after - for having been proven to be dangerous, or having caused radical and/or adverse reactions in those who have been prescribed them?

Everyday, it seems YET Another drug u is being hunted down by attorneys whose clients are suffering from their reactions to such drugs prescribed.

Anyone out there with knowledgeable information, to be trusted, could explain what has been going greatly amiss???

Would appreciate comments toward this "phenomenon" - if it has foundation based on fact, not hear-say.

Thank You.

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    9 years ago
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    Before a drug is marketed, it has to go thru 5 stages. During this 5 stages, it experimented on animals, data are being collected. After which, the drug experimented on human, call Clinical drug trials. The pool size varies and based on SPSS (a medical statistical calculation programme).

    If the drug pass above stages, the drug is marketed.

    However, some drugs side effects appear only after prolong usage or appear much later. It didn't showed during the clinical drug phrase. As in the case of Vioxx.

    Depending on the severity of side effects, some drugs may have to discontinued, eg Vioxx. Some drugs can still be in the market but additional warnings attach, such as in the case of Viagra.

    Some drugs, during experiment didn't show any "potential" problems or the drug company ill-intentionally, withheld the info.

    In the case of Oxycontin, the company deny it can cause physical dependence (addiction in laymen's term). As a result, many patient were addicted to it! The company lost the law suit and have to add additional remarks, warning that addiction can be a potention problem.

    The doctor, pharmacist or sccientist who "invented" the medicine has kind intention. To cure certain diseases, to improve life, or eradicate certain infectious diseases. However, they all are human. Some side effects showed up much later, which is beyond what they expected. They are human after all.

    With the exception of those companies with ill intention, delibrate withhelding certain info, generally no one wished harm to anybody.

    As to the "phenomenon" so many cases brought to light, it is because of the general standard of education that increase over the years, and internet make all this news and info much more accessible to public. Whereby previously, is only in the local papers and medical gazette.

    Hope i answered your question.

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