A notice of non-renewal for homeowners insurance after 20+ years. What are my rights, if any? 30 day warning?

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I had a claim last August 2010 due to a leak caused by a branch hitting the roof. Apparently the adjuster noticed then that the roof was not proper since it had asphalt shingles over ...show more
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Carriers can "discriminate" based upon underwriting factors. An improper roof and potential further damages from the trees are all legitimate underwriting reasons to cancel your policy. You are going to have to rectify these issues then you will be able to either get the current carrier to keep insuring you or you can look for other carriers. Try these guys in the link below. You won't win the battle of trying to make your current carrier continue the insurance without eliminating the deficiencies.


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You gave me the information I asked for succinctly, and a possible source besides. Thank you.
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  • mbrcatz answered 3 years ago
    I think you completely misunderstand what a "right" is.

    Most of the time, the back of that renewal notice tells you how to appeal the nonrenewal notice with your state insurance commissioner - so you'd probably want to do that.

    You know, because they sent you that notice, that they are NOT going to renew your policy, at this time. You need to ask your agent, if they'd be willing to stay on the policy IF you get the trees trimmed and the roof problem corrected.

    The only one who REALLY knows what's going on, is your agent. Sometimes, an insurance company will use things like this as an 'excuse' to get off of a policy that they don't want to stay on. I've seen this happen, for things like low credit score, or low value homes (under $100,000), or protection class 9 or 10 properties (very rural), or even if your particular agent has a bad loss ratio, and the company is trying to drive him off their books.

    So you definately need to put a second call in to your agent - and a call in to a roofer, and to a tree trimmer, to correct these issues.
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  • jim g answered 3 years ago
    Fix the problem with the and trees. Your agent should take photos and send to underwriting. This will keep the policy from being cancelled.
    What is happening is not uncommon, but easily fixed. (expensive for the roof, I understand, but not as expensive as watching your home burn with no insurance on it.)
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