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whos the better quarterback PEYTON MANNING or TOM BRADY?

tom brady got more ring, but manning got more MVPS so who's better

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    My opiniion of Brady had improved in the last few years. At first, his entire reputation was built upon the fact that "he won" three Super Bowls. However, in reality he was a steady, unspectacular QB on teams marked by great defenses. However, after his 2007 season and last year, I think he actually has become a top tier QB. However, calling Brady better than Manning is like calling Peyton Hillis better than Adrian Peterson because he outperformed Peterson Last year. Manning and Brady have been in the League together for 11 years, and Manning has outperformed Brady 8 of those years. Since they've been in the league, there have probably been seven years that Manning could be considered the NFL's best QB. There have been exactly two years that you could possibly make the argument that Brady was the league's best QB. Nobody makes changes at the line to exploit weaknesses in the D like Manning.

  • elkins
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    4 years ago

    Peyton Manning is the extra constructive quarterback because of fact he's shown extra in terms of his paintings ethic, his information of the sport, and his consistency each and each season to play like an All professional. There hasn't been yet another quarterback which could dissect a protection and is such a perfectionist like Manning is. For the Brady supporters, he's a huge quarterback, yet come on the "helping solid" element is overblown. Yeah he had receivers this year....and an impenetrable offensive line....and a sturdy protection...and a bypass satisfied offense. yet previously that, became into he fairly asked to do something throughout those large Bowl runs? i do no longer think of so. He became into asked to take a seat down lower back, play conservative, and the protection and particular communities dominate. yet in my common opinion, neither Manning or Brady hasn't shown me adequate ON HIS own to truly say one is extra constructive than the different, till the two have a foul helping solid. in case you have chose to speak approximately undesirable helping solid, who became into Brett Favre's perfect receivers throughout his MVP years? Antonio Freeman, Robert Brooks and Andre Rison. whilst he became into the MVP runner up in 2001 and 2002: Donald motive force (youthful) bill Schroeder, and Robert Furgeson.

  • Mr R
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    10 years ago

    If you are looking at this from a fantasy perspective, Brady has a better potential of putting up numbers this season than Manning does.

    Who is the better overall quarterback?

    Manning is more complete than Brady and always has been.

  • Kevin
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    10 years ago

    michael vick is better than both of them

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