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Mortiki asked in TravelAir Travel · 10 years ago

Airline baby ban: Malaysia Airlines, what's your take?

I am a father and to pat myself on the back, a darn good one at that and my take is that Airline baby ban for Malaysia Airlines in first class is something i would do as well, it is a very controversial debate i am sure but i for one think it is a ballsy and a correct thing to do in first class, if you have an infant than just move back to economy, but if i am paying first class prices than i think i deserve to have some rest and relaxation. where do you all come out on this issue?

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  • 10 years ago
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    I can't blame an airline for wanting to do that because first class passengers pay a lot of money and a crying baby can ruin the experience. However I think very few people would bring a baby into first class anyway so it is not as though a lot of people are being affected by this. Also Malaysia Airlines is not banning babies from flying Business Class so if you have the money and want to pay for comfort, then fly Business Class.

  • 10 years ago


    My husband works at one of the biggest airport in Canada once said that the Malaysian airline crews are very arrogant and always stuck up their nose.

    And myself originally came from Asia where the Malaysian are well known as the people who, when they have money, they think they can buy anything including the life of other human being.

    I've heard (not rumors but official news) that there are a lot of foreign workers that work in Malaysia as nannies or house maids kill themselves/got killed after a brutally tortured/raped by their employers.

    I'm not talking about some nannies got beat up by spoiled kids. Some stories are even worse than what the nazis did to the jews.

    Apparently, the Malaysian government doesn't really care to put an end to this nor pay any compensation to the victims. I'm so surprise that the media in North America never brings this up.

    My opinion on the baby ban is simple. I will never fly with Malaysian Airlines for the fact that not only they discriminate (a person is a person no matter how small) but also because I will not support a company from an economy system that doesn't respect for life of other human being.

  • 10 years ago

    I have money so that justifies my intolerance to the rest of the world. As a family I my children would have to wait for vacations till the youngest is old enough to fly becasue babies are banned. I have travelled with my children as babies. Not that bad. He cried a bit from time to time, we soothed him. GET OVER IT.

    None of you were ever children. As children you don't think you ever bothered other people travelling. The rest of the world tolerated you when you were a snot nosed brat so this would be payback.

    I've noticed that the biggest whiners about travelling children are ususally the most self centred intolerant adults and were the worst behaved children growing up.

    Lets extend the ban to the fat guy next to me who takes up too much space, the loud obnoxious lady who won't shut up, the one behind me who's deodorant has worn off. I WANT A REFUND.

    Sit back, relax and pick something worth worrying about. I travelled overnight once as a teenager and some poor woman had a baby she could not console. He did cry most of the trip. I did not get much sleep(not that you do anyway) but felt worse for the parent and the baby than myself. Where is the empathy and care for the rest of the world.

    Don't like to be bothered by the rest of the world..STAY HOME

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I agree and suggest that the idea be extended to economy. By that I mean that if certain flights are "babyless", I would be willing to pay a premium for a first class seat or an economy seat in an entire flight that excluded children of a certain age. The curtain between first class and economy is a poor sound barrier. Consider it a subsidy to those parents who must travel with babies on other flights.

    There is no question that babies cannot be 'banned' from air travel, no matter how distressing pressurization and depressurization may be to them, how ill, upset or discomforted they may be may be or how incredibly stupid, knott-headed or irresponsible their parents or guardians may be and how absolutely disrupting, disturbing or dangerous a single up to several screaming, crying babies can be for a 7 hour flight or more. People will demand the right to holiday visits to grandparents in warm climates etc., in spite of all of the above.

    There is no reason why we, the traveling public, need to be unwitting or uncompensated victims to all or some of the above, particularly knott-headed parents. The other alternative to my suggestion is to require those traveling with babies and who absolutely MUST do so, to put up a substantial bond. If all is happy and quiet by the end of the flight, the bond is returned. If not, regardless of cause, it is distributed as a credit to all the other passengers for the pain and suffering endured.

    Otherwise, fly grandma to the baby and we will all be happier.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Completely agree with the ban, more airlines should take note - especially Virgin.

    Why do people always seem to assume that everyone else should have to put up with their bawling little darlings? To be honest I'm less offended by kids than I am the parents with all that faffing about in the overhead locker and pacing up and down blocking the aisle. Actually a ban should extend to toddlers running about the place too!

    If you want kids great, but until they have a completely sealed area of the plane (more than a curtain anyway) accept that they will piss off other passengers on a long haul flight. Especially as they fly for free and the other passengers are essentially subsidizing your travel.

  • 10 years ago

    I agree with that, if I'm going to pay 4x as much as economy for a first class ticket, I sure do not want to hear a baby crying. When I do sit in economy and I hear babies screaming, I think "well, it's economy, so I don't really care".

    Now, if airlines were banning babies in general, that'd be something to get upset over. But in first and business class, it's only right since people pay so much to sit there.

  • 10 years ago

    There are many people assuming that all babies are screaming monsters. I have traveled with my children at very young ages and every time they have slept peacefully during the flight - because I plan well and prepare them for the trip. They have not had distress, and it's been very pleasant.

    We can't just assume that just because a person is of a certain young age they will spend their entire time creating noise on the plane. Just like we can't assume that all adults will also be well behaved. I have been on many flights where the drunken adults and loud mouth adult travelers have made much more noise then my kids. In fact, I've had grown adults wake up my kids because of loud conversations, or needing to move around and go to the washroom.

    Basically - I think this is ageism. How can you say that just because a person is of a certain age they will behave a certain way? Now, I haven't traveled in first class with my little ones, because we have to pay for them too - so the cost is above what we can afford as a family. But I know I am not the only one out there with awesome kids who are well behaved.

    Like it or not - babies are people. Just because they have different needs and cannot communicate int he same ways as adults, it does not make them less. This kind of policy just makes it easier and easier to create other exclusions and allowing some people to receive better treatment then others. I guess it all boils down to what kind of society you want to live in.

  • I can't believe some of the things I am reading here! Three years ago, my husband and I traveled to the UK with our 18 month old twins and our 7 week old daughter. We went to attend my sister's wedding and NOTHING would have made me miss that. Our babies slept the entire 9 hours and we literally had to wake them for landing in London. Ignorant people who think all babies cry for a whole flight are too stupid to travel - let's ban them as well! We are not well-off and sat in economy but if I could have afforded better seats, believe me, I would have taken them. Space is a huge bonus when carrying diaper bags full of bottles, toys, spare clothes and everything else needed to make a long trip pleasant for all involved. I consider myself a very responsible parent; we had bottles ready for our children to ease the pain of take-off and landing (each dosed with a measure of Baby Tylenol) and plenty of distractions had they been awake. But if I had the money and chose to spend it on First Class seats with reclining beds and all the added luxuries, I surely would have slept better myself. I understand that the seats are very expensive; however, babies don't travel free either. An infant First Class rate is considerably more money than an economy one. Who has the right to tell me I can't spend my money on that if I choose to do so? Loud businessmen (who haven't paid for their own tickets anyone) discussing their latest deal, or typing away on their laptops are as annoying to me as a baby crying is to someone else. However a child's delighted giggle is priceless. "Move back to economy"? YOU move back to where you and your ignorant ideas belong - under a rock!

  • 10 years ago

    I think so also, I was mentioning a kid ban in Canada for first class to a friend some time ago. But I can see why it is happening, it's these people with a zillion air miles, they are able to use them for first class. I like to sleep when I am on the plane and this can be irritating.

  • 10 years ago

    Although I do not think it is fair to parents who want to fly first class to have more space for their babies, as a traveler I agree that paying for first class and traveling with noisy babies in the area goes against paying for luxury.

    Maybe put a clause that any passenger causing a disturbance will be asked to move to coach until s/he can be inoffensive to the other travelers. If a drunk adult was being disruptive, I would hope that the stewards would have him be forced to leave the area too.

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