need terraria help!!?

i was digging under ground when i found this thing were its black and has horns sticking out of it what is it and what do i do to aqquire it??

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  • 9 years ago
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    Demon Altars are claw like background items found Underground or in Chasms in The Corruption.

    They are used to craft boss summoning items (Suspicious Looking Eye and Worm Food). You can tell if a demon altar is nearby by checking for a flickering light, though in a chasm a flickering light could also be from a Shadow Orb or potion ingredients.

    If a player attempts to destroy the altar with a hammer he will lose half his current health of damage and the altar will stay on place. It is possible to destroy it by causing Obsidian to form on it by mixing water and lava where the altar is located.

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    9 years ago

    Hello, this is a demon alter and can be used to craft items to summons bosses, it cannot be obtained and creates items such as worm bait. They are mainly found in corruption but can rarely be found near spawn. Hope this helps

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