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Cheap, healthy food to bulk up with after working out?

I'm trying to get bigger, and i read to get bigger you need to eat a lot.

What is something that is cheap, that I can just buy a ton of, and have like 5 meals a day with? I was thinking maybe tuna/salmon. Please give any tips on what to eat, and how many times to eat it.

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    Eat often, but smaller portions rather than huge portions all at once. Snack on healthy things like nuts, greek yogurt, cereal, fruit, berries, whole grain crackers with cheese or tuna, sweet potato chips, whole grain tortillas with nut butter/jam inside, veggies with hummus and pita, etc.

    Go for things like:

    - Skim milk

    - Nuts, seeds

    - Nut butter - like peanut or almond

    - Salmon & Tuna - great idea!

    - Beans - chickpeas, kidney beans, black beans, lentils, mixed beans, etc.

    - Dairy: cheese, yogurt (especially greek yogurt it has more protein), etc.

    - Eggs

    - Hummus

    - Whole grain bread, waffles, pancakes, crackers, etc.

    - Whole grain pasta

    - Vegetables, fruit, berries

    - Olive oil

    - Oatmeal & healthy high fiber cereals like Kashi, Nature's Path Organic - example: muesli

    - Sweet potatoes, potatoes, brown rice/wild rice, quinoa (grain with protein), buckwheat, etc.

    I hope this helps with some ideas =)

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    Milk. One cup of milk has eight grams of protein in it. Get skim to cut some fat out and add some chocolate syrup for flavor if you want. Also I've seen whole wheat bagles that have 10 grams of protein each. If you're a carnivore then get some beef jerky. If you can't decide which brand then look at the nutrition facts and the weight of the contents to see which deal is better.

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    You will enjoy your food without possessing to worry about gaining fat.

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    Whole milk and peanut butter.

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