Google chrome won't install?

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Alright, this is the 5th problem with my computer. Since My firefox won't re-install at all, I decided to go with google chrome that I had in the past but deleted. I have more
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Its sounds to me that its going to be worth re formatting your computer.Wipe it clean and re install windows.Your OS is a mess and is due a good re formatting.After you re format your computer will be as good as new

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Thanks... But that would mean erasing all the files I have on my computer. And I don't have a U.S.B to save all the important files I have... And that would mean re-downloading the files...And re-typing 180 page story. To much of a hassle....
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  • Q answered 3 years ago
    this may or may not help but it is worth a try >>
    or you could try a disc cleanup or check drive c for errors,then try downloading Google Chrome again
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  • My kull answered 3 years ago
    install the newest version of internet explorer 8 and try again
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