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Libra ( Kim Kardashian) vs. Taurus (Megan Fox)?

Who do you think is better looking? Libra women or Taurus women??

Theres a representative for both parties so you can vote based on Kim Kardashian and Megan Fox

Thanks ( Survey)


You guys cool it on the "fake" accusations theyre both fake ok! Megan fox obviously has had surgery done to her face and kim kardashian has obviously done so too especially recently. So dont say one of them is fake because they both kind are. K thanks ?

Update 2:

Umm ok you got some incomplete information because BOTH libra and taurus are ruled by Venus. In fact libra takes in more of venus's beauty and art while taurus takes in venus's materialism and beauty still but suposidly not as much as libra

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    Megan Fox.

    Kim Kardashian seems to be obsessed with herself and something about her just always screams "Approve of me!". She seems to lack true depth and edge. There's something about Megan Fox that is intriguing. Like her tattoos for example, and the way she presents herself in her interviews. I just get the vibe that she would be really interesting to get to know and there's this rawness about her. Kim Kardashian on the other hand, I've never heard her say anything powerful. I've never seen her display anything interesting or intriguing. There's nothing rare or unique about her. She has no talent. All she's good at is taking pretty pictures. Really, any female could take pretty pictures with top make-up and hair stylists and a ton of money to get plastic surgery. She's only even as famous as she is for spreading her legs on tape then selling the copies to a company. Whereas Megan Fox is a talented actress who worked hard to be successful and get where she is. Had Kim K been born into a middle class family, she wouldn't even have as much fame and money as she has. Other than that, Taurus' seem to be way more genuine and reliable than Libras are. I like how Megan Fox isn't always all smiley like Kim K. It says to me that Megan Fox doesn't give a f*ck if people think she looks mean. Kim K probably smiles all the time because she's probably the type of person who wants to stay on everyone's good side. She seems like it. Personally, I just like people more who have that "idgaf how you feel or what you think about me. this is who I am. take it or leave it" attitude more than the "I'm just gonna be nice and smile to everyone, not because I'm a genuinely nice person but because I want you all to approve of me and like me" attitude

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  • Linda
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    They are both pretty but Kim is prettier...Megan is messing herself up with the botox......She doesnt need it..The girl is beginning to look like a plastic doll with no emotions in her face.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    OmG,what a question,haaard :D

    I like Megan Fox more,she is so hot and pretty,she is not fake like Kim.

    Megan is natural beauty plus she is talented actress and that's make her even more beautiful.

    But generally I like Libras more,they are more beautiful than Tauruses :))

    Source(s): Leo girl <3
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  • it's a tie

    taurus-they are kind but stubborn and good looking

    libra-they are girly but fake as heck and are really pretty

    the reason i wrote it with details is because the way you act can affect the way you look.so it's def a tie

    Source(s): pisces
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    Taurus women... i dont see the big deal with libras or virgos... just my opinion

    they both love themselves 2 much

  • 9 years ago

    I don't think Megan Fox represents Taurus women that well. IMO I really don't see what's so special about her. So I'm gonna have to go with Kim.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    megan fox is a taurus that means shes a freak ..and kim kardashian is a libra that means shes good in bed ...i cant choose between both im a gangster ill do both

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    Taurus because they are ruled by venus the planet of love, beauty, sex exc. Taurus women are supposedly the most beautiful of all of the zodiac signs.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    taurus wins libra wins

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