DBSK lawsuit over with?

I've been into DBSK/TVXQ lately so I was wondering what's going on with them lately. I know the lawsuit against SM Entertainment has been going on for some time but I was wondering is the lawsuit over with or is it still ongoing? Will they be together again? Sorry if it seems silly but it's just on my mind recently. :)

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    10 years ago
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    The lawsuit is still going on. The decision from the court should have been announced months ago but SMent kept delaying and pushing the court hearings back by either bringing up new witnesses and evidences suddenly or not presenting the court with the documents that the court has ordered.

    I don't know when the next hearing is going to be but it's only in it's initial stage (think of it right now as being in a district court) so even if one side wins, the other will probably repel and the process has to be done all over again at a higher level court.

    No one can predict the future but it's not likely that all 5 will work together again, I say this because a lot of things has happened. Homin has stated their stance on the case as has JYJ and I seriously don't think those feelings can be erased. Plus, they have not been in contact with each other since the beginning of the lawsuit (proven by Jaejoong and Yunho's statements)

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    No one really knows for sure what the plans for DBSK are in the future, but it's fairly certain--no matter how optimistic fans are--that they won't be getting back together again. Once Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu formed their own group, JYJ, they made it clear to SM Entertainment that they were going to do things their own way. DBSK (HoMin) only recently made their comeback with Wae (Keep Your Head Down), so they will also continue with their own careers. As far as I know, the lawsuit isn't over yet. Recently SMent has had a lot of trouble--in 2009, Super Junior's Hangeng also sued, so they are quite busy with legal proceedings of late.

    I know how you feel, I only recently got into DBSK (by recently I mean 2010-ish), so it made me sad when I heard that they separated, because they are the most talented singers, and I really hoped to see them on one stage.

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    No one really knows. JYJ has been formed and dbsk has cone out will keep your head down. They are still great friends though and will most likely work together in the future(:

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