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Dear XX, Hi,Iam AA. Thanks for warm hospitalityand considerate arrangements when we stayed at FLC. It was such a wonderful memories. Then I would like to say thank you foraccepting our personal requests about study tour. With your help some teachers’ kids have chancesto experiece short-term study at your School. I know that BB’s daughter,Anna, is going to visit Brisbane on 5th July. Now we have another group. There are 2 girls and 2 boyshope to visit you at the. end of July. Doris,Molly, and 2 boys are going to set out to Brisbane on 29th July andthe arriving time will be 30th July(Sat.) 9:30 am. The flight no. is BR315Evergreen airline. Would you pleasearrange the airport pick-up, homestays and schooling for them. They need to goback home on 13th August(Mon.) by the sameairline flight no. BR316. The departure time will be 10:30 pm, so that they couldhave 2 weeks school classes at International shool. About homestay arrangement, please tell Rosemary that Ray andLorraine have promised me to take the girls. As for the boys, please arrangethem to stay at another homestay. Theydon’t want to be separated into different homestay. And I also need to know thefee for school, homestay and others for each one students. Then I could wire the money to you. Thank youvery much. Have a nice day.


Thank you very much. I am so surprised at receiving the answer so fast. I will revise my writing later.

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    Dear (name), Hi, I am (name). I would like to thank you for your warm hospitality and consideratearrangements while we stayed at FLC. Moreover,I would like to thank you for accepting our personal requests regarding study tours. Withoutyour help, the children could not have had the chanceto experience a short-term study at your school. I know that (name)’s daughter,Anna, will be visiting Brisbane on July 5. Furthermore, there will be two boysand two girls that will be visiting you at the end of July. Doris, Molly,and the two boys will be departing for Brisbane on July 29 and will be arrivingaround 9:30am on July 30 (which will be on a Saturday). The flight number willBR315 Eva air (code share with QF329). Can youplease arrange an airport pick-up, home stays, and schooling for them as well?They will be staying in Brisbane and studying at international schools for aperiod of a fortnight. They will be flying back home on August 13 (Monday) onthe same carrier with flight number BR316 (code share with QF329). The time ofdeparture is at 10:30 pm, therefore suggesting that they need to be at theairport by 8:30 pm. Regardinghome stay arrangements, please tell Rosemary that Ray and Lorraine have givenme the nod of taking the girls. As for the boys, can you please arrange adifferent home stay for them? Theydo not want to be separated into two different home stays. Finally, I also needto know the tuition and fees for schooling and home stay for each one child/student. Upon receiving your reply, I will then wirethe money to you. Regards, (name)

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    Screw Brisbane Lol..this place sucks.

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    I got bored...

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    Post-exam boredom

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