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強求的英文翻譯 可以幫幫我嗎




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    可以說unreasonable demand/request


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    Umn, I agree.

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    例如中文的“不可強求” ~ do not push/focce/impel...,在西方習慣性的表達方式是“照規矩/次序來” ~ follow the due process.

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    這樣才會比較順 :)

  • PONY
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    因 extort 較涉及使用非法手段強求或逼迫對方試試下列兩個1. to coerce Sb into doing SthSb is coerced into doing SthSth is coercedCoerce: to force someone to do something they do not want to do by threatening them. 2.To feel obliged to do SthDon’t feel obliged to do it if you don’t want to.

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    to impose or to extort or to exact or to force

    It was noticeable how a few people managed to impose their will on the others. 顯而易見,有少數幾個人總能設法把自己的意志強加於別人。

    Those bullies extorted money from the poor kid.那些惡霸對那可憐的小孩強索金錢。

    She was determined to exact a promise from him. 她決意要他作出許諾。

    She forced herself to be polite to them. 她對他們強裝客氣。

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