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A prime example of a planned city, Emmen arose from several small farming and peat-harvesting communities which have dotted the province of Drenthe since the Middle Ages. Traces of these communities can still be seen in the form of the villages of Westenesch, Noordbarge and Zuidbarge: they have a separate history and layout, but are surrounded by the suburbs and the centre of Emmen.The expansion of the town did not happen until after the Second World War. Suburbs were built in a clockwise direction around the old centre of Emmen, starting with Emmermeer directly to the north, and followed by Angelslo (for which an old village of the same name was demolished), Emmerhout (famed at the time for being built in the forest, quite separate from the town), Bargeres, the Rietlanden and Parc Sandur. Construction of the last suburb, called Delftlanden, is already well underway with a large number of homes already built and people living in the area.


There are few historic landmarks left within the town, but those few include the church on the market square, where a church has been standing since the Middle Ages, the court of law building, dating from the beginning of the twentieth century and the post office from the same time.

Update 2:

In the town's environs an earthwork by Robert Smithson, "Broken Circle/Spiral Hill," may be found.

Update 3:

Prime economic booster since the 1980s is the zoo, the Dierenpark Emmen. Begun in the 1930s, it was almost completely redesigned in the 1970s, and is now co-owned by the municipality of Emmen. It attracts over 1.5 million visitors per year.

Update 4:

Important industries include Teijin Aramid, DSM Engineering Plastics, Wellman and Diolen Industrial Fibers. There are extensive glasshouse complexes for horticulture, especially in the Klazienaveen-Erica area.

Update 5:

The governmental Topographical Department of the Netherlands is located in Emmen. The municipality offers some 38,000 jobs.

Update 6:

Emmen is the second most populous urban area of Drenthe. The municipality of Emmen is one of the largest in area in the Netherlands, although the area outside the town borders of Emmen is rather rural.

Update 7:

The only villages of importance are Emmer-Compascuum, Klazienaveen, Nieuw-Amsterdam and Schoonebeek.

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    一個計劃的城市, Emmen的一個光辉的榜样從幾出现了加點了Drenthe省從中世纪的小種田的和泥煤收穫的社區。 以Westenesch、Noordbarge和Zuidbarge的形式,村莊這些社區蹤影能仍然看: 他們有一種分開的歷史和佈局,但是由郊區和Emmen的中心圍攏。鎮的擴展沒有發生直到在第二次世界大战之后。 郊區在Emmen附近的老中心的顺时针方向被修造了,從Emmermeer開始直接地對北部,並且由Angelslo (為哪些同一個名字的一個老村莊被拆毀了), Emmerhout (著名當時為被修造在森林,相當分別於鎮), Bargeres、Rietlanden和Parc Sandur跟随。 最后郊區的建築,称Delftlanden,已經是好進行中與在區域已經建造的和人居住很大數量的家。

    有在鎮之內的少量古迹,但是那些少數包括集市广场的教會,教會從中世纪,法庭大廈,建於20世纪和從同一时间的初期邮局站立。 在town' s由羅伯特・ Smithson, "包圍土隄; 殘破的圈子或螺旋小山, " 可以找到。 填裝經濟助推器從20世紀80年代是動物園, Dierenpark Emmen。 開始在20世紀30年代,它在20世紀70年代幾乎完全地被重新設計了和由Emmen的自治市現在共同所有。 它吸引1.5每年百萬個訪客。 重要產業包括Teijin Aramid, DSM工程學塑料, Wellman和Diolen工業纖維。 有園藝的廣泛的玻璃溫室複合體,特别是在Klazienaveen埃裡卡地区。 荷蘭的政府地形學部門位于Emmen。 自治市提供大约38,000個工作。 Emmen是Drenthe次要人口眾多的市区。 Emmen的自治市是一個最大在區域在荷蘭,雖然在Emmen之外鎮邊界的區域是相當農村的。 唯一的村莊重要是Emmer-Compascuum、Klazienaveen、Nieuw阿姆斯特丹和Schoonebeek。

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    一個光輝的榜樣或一個計劃的城市,從幾出現了物產加點省或從中世纪的小種田的和泥煤收穫的社區。 線或這些社區能仍然看以形式或村莊或者,北部嚴厲那些: 他們物產一種分開的歷史和佈局,但是由郊區圍攏和中心或者。 擴展或鎮沒有咬住直到在第二次世界大战之后。 郊區是在顺时针方向的螺栓在老中心附近或,開始直接地對北部和跟随由(為哪些一個老村莊或同樣討厭被拆毀了), (著名吃了是的时期螺栓在森林裡,相當分別於鎮), reedbeds和Parc 。 建築或充電郊區,你已經已經是好進行中與大数或家住在區域的螺栓和人們。 55有在鎮之內的少量歷史的國家標記,但是那些少數包括集市的教會,教會有腿身分從中世纪,法院或法律爆沸事,建於土侯或20世纪和從同一时间的彙集邮局。 在town' s由羅伯特・ Smithson, "包圍土隄; 殘破的圈子或螺旋小山, " 可以找到。 填裝經濟助推火箭從20世紀80年代是動物園,野生动物园Emmen。 開始在20世紀30年代,它在20世紀70年代幾乎完全地被重新設計了和由自治市或Emmen現在共同所有。 它關於1.5百萬個訪客吸引在年之前。 重要產業包括Teijin Aramid, DSM工程學塑料, Wellman和Diolen工業纖維。 有園藝的廣泛的玻璃溫室複合體,特别是在Klazienaveen埃裡卡地區。 政府地形學部門或荷蘭位于Emmen。 自治市犧牲大约38.000工作。 Emmen是次要人口眾多的市區或Drenthe。 自治市或Emmen是一個或最大在區域在荷蘭,雖然在鎮邊界之外的區域或Emmen是相當農村的。重要性是桶Compascuum, Klazienaveen、Nieuw阿姆斯特丹和Schoonebeek.

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