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我是XXX國際鞋業股份有限公司的總經理xxx,以下我要為我的員工也是我的侄子xxx寫這封推薦信。 xxx,是我從小看到大的侄子,我非常的瞭解他的為人,他是個聰明、謙虛、點子多、樂觀開朗的一個人,舉例言而:以他在台灣成長的背景,進入公司後可以迅速適應中國文化,取得中國員工的信任,大家都喜歡跟在一起工作,他能以幽默輕鬆的態度做事且能感染其它員工,使公司氣氛更加活潑,在嚴肅繁忙的鞋業公司裡,是難能可貴的。 從2010年六月至2011年6月在我的公司上班, 對公司貢獻最大的有兩件事情,第一:他減少公司的庫存,提高了庫存週轉率,一年內公司庫存減少25%,讓公司資金作更有效率的應用,我長期想要改革的庫存制度,在他進公司後終於得以實現。第二:在他負責的中國廣州線業務, 一年內業績提昇了38%,他善於觀察,不放棄任何機會,並且從不抱怨在工作花了多少時間,他有效率的提升了公司的業績,對公司貢獻很大,是個很有能力的人。 xxx是公司重點栽培的人物,他很有上進心,希望拓展公司事業,知道知識的匱乏,所以想至美國念書,培養國際視野,我真誠的推薦他進入貴校就讀,希望你們可以給他一個機會,相信他會成為一位頂尖的學生。



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    I am XXX international shoe industry Limited liability company's general manager xxx, the following I must also be my nephew xxx write this letter of recommendation for mine staff. xxx, is I saw since childhood the big nephew, I unusual understood his manner, he is intelligent, modest, the drop many, an optimistic open and bright person, lifts the preface, but: By him the background which grows in Taiwan, after entering the company, may adapt the Chinese culture rapidly, obtains the Chinese staff's trust, everybody likes following to work together, he can by the humorous relaxed manner work, and can infect other staffs, causes the company atmosphere to be livelier, in the serious busy shoe industry company, is commendable. From June, 2010 goes to work to June, 2011 in mine company, contributes in a big way to the company has two matters, first: He reduces company's stock, raised the stock cycling rate, in one year the company keeps in stock reduces 25%, lets the company fund make a more effective application, my long-term wish reform stock system, after he enters the company can realize finally. Second: In his responsible China Guangzhou line service, in one year the achievement has promoted 38%, he is good at observing, does not give up any opportunity, and ever did not complain that has spent the how much time in the work, his effectiveness's promotion company's achievement, has contributed to the company is very big, human who has ability very much. xxx is the character who the company cultivates with emphasis, he has the desire to do better very much, hoped that the development company enterprise, knows the knowledge the deficiency, therefore wants to study to the US, raises the international field of vision, I sincere recommend him to enter your school to go study, hoped that you may give him an opportunity, believed that he will become an apex's student.

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    建議不要提你們之間的親屬關係,這樣推薦函的說服力會降低。人家會覺得你們是family business or related party, 是一夥的當然只說好話啦。

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