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我是上尉連長XXX,他是09年進入我的部隊服役,擔任預算財務士官的工作,負責分發薪水、採購、作帳等一切相關財務事宜,I am very glad to recommend a 很好的部下xxx 進入貴校就讀。他是我連長任內第三任預算財務士官,也是最優秀的一位。他擔任部隊的財務官,負責採購時,總會貨比三家,選擇最便宜的買,而不是選擇到最方便地方買,幫部隊省下許多錢。此外他不僅是部隊的財務官,他也是部隊的創意總監,他總是有很多好的點子去佈置部隊,好讓部隊看起來像一個大家庭,大家都喜歡他。 此外,他與我其它預算財務士官相比,讓人印象最深刻的是,在他任職期間內,他在分發薪水時從沒有發生過一次錯誤,他總能準時和正確金額的薪水發給官兵,非常細心。此外,他有很傑出的體力,有別於一般文書士官,3000公尺測驗,他的成績為12分15秒,是連上140位裡,僅次於我的第二名。他是一位能力強,總是會做的比我想的還好的人,所以我誠摯的推薦他進入貴校就讀。

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    I am XXX of the captain company commander, he are the troops that 09 years get into me to undergo military service and serve as the work of budget finance sergeant and be responsible for a cent to pay salary, buy, make a debt etc. all related finance affairs, the I am very glad to recommend a good subordinate xxx gets into your schools to attend.

    He is my company commander to allow the sergeant is inside the third budget finance, is also second to none 1.He serves as the finance officer of troops, goods in the head quarter choose to cheapestly buy than 3 while being responsible for a purchase, not choose that the most convenient place buys and reduces much money for troops.In addition he not only is the finance officer of troops, he also is the creativity director of troops, he always has a lot of good ideas to set out troops and shows troops to be like a big family so much, everyone likes him.

    In addition, he and my other budget finance sergeants compare, let the deepest in person's impression BE, at him work a period inside, he has never had already taken place a mistake while paying salary in the cent, he can always give out government troops with the salary of correct amount of money punctually, very with quiet attention.In addition, he has very outstanding physical strength and differs from general clerk's sergeant, 3000 meters test, his result for 12 divide into 15, connect to 140 insides, only next to my in the second place.He is ability is strong and always does of than what I thought not so bad person, so I sincerely recommend him to get into your school to attend.

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    I am captain company commander XXX, he is 09 years enters my army service, holds the post of the budget finance officer's work, is responsible to distribute the wage, the purchase, to make the account and so on all related financial matters concerned, I am very glad to recommend a very good subordinate xxx enters your school to go study. He is my company commander the duration of term third budget finance officer, is also most outstanding one. He holds the post of army's finance officer, when is responsible for the purchase, the general meeting compares goods, chooses cheapest buying, but is not chooses the most convenient place to buy, helps the army to save many money. In addition he is not only army's finance officer, he is also army's creativity inspector general, he always has the good drop to arrange the army, good lets the army look like an elephant big family, everybody likes him. In addition, he and my other budget finance officer compares, those who let the person impression be most profound, in he holds an office in the period, he when distributes the wage ever has not had a mistake, he can always punctual and the correct amount wage issues the officers and soldiers, is careful. In addition, he has the very outstanding physical strength, is different with the common copy clerk officer, 3000 meters examinations, his result is 12 minute 15 second, is connected including the above in 140, is only inferior to mine second. He is one can strength, will always be the person who fortunately thought compared to me, therefore I sincere will recommend him to enter your school to go study.

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