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What is the best gun in Call of duty black ops zombies besides the ray gun and the thunder gun?

Even though the ray gun and thunder gun are good on Call of duty black ops zombies, what other guns are good, also from the mystery box?

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    umm rpk because its lots of points or the upgraded crossbow for help because the zombies go after the noises

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    Call Of Duty Thunder Gun

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    The best weapons to succeed in a game of Zombies are the ones which can gather lots of points and deal damage.

    In early rounds you will want to get a sub machine gun (MP5K, Spectre, MP40 etc..) because they can deal enough damage to kill in an early round and also gather quite a bit of points to open barriers, buy new weapons or activate traps.

    In later rounds when survival becomes your only objective, Light Machine Guns (HK21, RPK, etc...) become the primary choice. They can deal large amounts of damage and hold massive amounts of ammo.

    Of course, the Ray Gun, Thunder Gun, VR-11, Winters Howl, and Scavanger are very powerful weapons as well and they are always a good choice to fend off the large waves in rounds 15+.

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    HK21 and RPK pack-a-punched. Both are great guns without being pack-a-punched because they both hold a good amount of ammo and are pretty powerful, once you pack-a-punch them then you get more ammo and they're much more powerful and can be used efficiently in the higher levels.

    The pack-a-punched Olympia is also quite effective. When pack-a-punched, the Olympia gets a Dragon's Breath bullet fire and you also obtain a faster reload. Of course, using it will still allow for you to be overrun, so only use the pack-a-punched Olympia when playing with other players.

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    The best off the wall weapon is the mp40 in the later rounds it doesn't get u a lot of kills but it does get u a lot of points which u can use to by traps, turrets etc. But out of the box probably one of the lmg's or of course a wonder weapon

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    Duel cz72 it does the most damage upgraded it does 300 close and 250 far but you can waste ammo quickly otherwise hk20 is in 2nd place.

    and winters howl,the vr 11,and all the others the ones up top said.

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    The RPK Pack-a-punch

  • The HK21, RPK, sometimes Python works. It's all good if you have Pack - a - Punched them. I also like the VR11.

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    get the mp40 and run around in circles on the stage till you have a mob of zombies chasing after you then take off towards where you spawn in the beginning of the match then turn around and shoot zombies as they run around the counter then go upstairs then towards the stage and wait for them to come from the dressing room then you shoot them. It racks up ALOT of points and kills. I would buy an m16 also and use that till you have enough to upgrade it then keep buying upgraded ammo for the m16 off the wall.

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    Hk21, winters howl rpk gall commando

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