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Rock fans: Do you think that the rock musicians who have died died for a reason? 10 pointsI NEED MANY ANSWERS!?

i mean was it meant to happen? and if it was then why? I know how most of them died here is a list

Shannon Hoon- Blind Melon-28 years- Cardiac arrest from cocaine overdose

Andrew wood- Mother Love Bone- 24 years- Heroin overdose

Kurt Cobain - Nirvana - 27 years - Murder/suicide

Janis Joplin - Solo - 27 years - Heroin overdose

Jim Morrison - The Doors - 27 Years - Heart Attack( heart failure)

Jimi Hendrix - The Jimi Hendrix Experience - 27 years - Asphyxia( most likely murder)

Brian Jones - The Rolling Stones - 27 years - Drowning/suicide/murder

Sid Vicious - Sex Pistols - 21 years - Heroin overdose

John Bonham - Led Zeppelin - 32 years - Asphyxia

Keith Moon - The Who - 32 years - Clomethiazole overdose

Bon Scott - AC/DC - 33 years - Asphyxia

Freddie Mercury - Queen - 45 years - AIDS

John Lennon - The Beatles - 40 years - Shot by gun( murdered)

George Harrison - The Beatles - 58 years - Cancer

Frank Zappa - Solo - 52 years - cancer

Dimebag Darrell - Pantera - 38 years - shot by gun( murdered)

Django Reinhardt - Solo - 43 years - brain hemorrhage

Nico - Velvet Underground - 49 years - cerebral hemorrhage

Muddy Watters - Solo - 70 years - Normal Death

Bo Diddley - Solo - 79 years - Heart Failure

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Solo - 35 years - Helicopter Crash

Duane Allman - Allman Brothers Band - 24 years - Motorcycle accident

Randy Rhoads - Ozzy Osbourne/Quiet Riot - 25 years - Plane accident

Cliff Burton - Metallica - 24 years - Bus Crash

Syd Barrett - Pink Floyd - 60 years - Cancer/diabetes complications

Richard Wright - Pink Floyd - 65 years - Cancer

Bob Marley - Bob Marley And The Wailers - 36 years - melanoma

Ronnie Van Zant - lynyrd skynyrd - 29 years - Plane crash

Steve Gaines - lynyrd skynyrd - 28 years - Plane Crash

Cassie Gaines - The Honkettes(lynyrd skynyrd backup singers) - 29 years - Plane Crash

Allen Collins - Lynyrd Skynyrd - 37 years - Pneumonia

Mama Cass Elliot - The Mamas and The Papas - 32 years - Heart Attack

John Phillips - The Mamas and The Papas - 65 years - Heary Failure

Denny Doherty - The Mamas and The Papas - 66 years - kidneys failure

Jerry Garcia - Grateful Dead - 53 years - Heart Atack

Elvis Presley - Solo - 42 years - Heart attack

Karen Carpenter - The Carpenters - 32 years - Anorexya

Buddy Holly - Solo - 22 years - Plane Crash

Ron "Pigpen" McKernan - Grateful Dead - 27 years - gastrointestinal hemorrhage

Joey Ramone - The Ramones - 49 years - lymphoma

Dee Dee Ramone - The Ramones - 50 years - Heroin Overdose

Johnny Ramone - The ramones - 55 years - cancer

Hillel Slovak - Red Hot Chili Peppers - 26 years - Heroin Overdose

John Glascock - Jethro Tull - 28 years - Congenital Heart Defect

this really freaks me out its like PATTERN AND IT WAS MEANT TO HAPPEN WHY? I mean i know how they died but why! I nocitced about every rock musician either died from Plane/ car crashes, Murder, drug overdose , cancer, Heart attacks, aspixia and other heath problems/

I mean why did they all die . Because just about everyone on this list did not wanna die! janis, jimi , jim died in the same area then andrew,kurt, shannon died in the same era! why did they die and no we have talentless musicians. ( well i admit we have a few talented ones still alive) so do you think this was meant to happen! and if so then why?


i know dying is a cycle of life lol

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    It is very sad to hear about anyone dying, but sadly that is part of life. At least these people enjoyed life to the fullest doing a job they loved and knew that the world loved them and their work (music).

    A lot of these people are from a smililar era- the 1960s era was well known for plane crashes and drugs. Technology wasn't as good, so sadly things went wrong with airplanes all the time. people like The Beatles have talked abut how common it was to see a flaming engine or other problems with the plane they flew on all the time! That's one reason George Harrison hated flying and suggested that the Beatles stop risking their lives on airplanes and from crazy people and groups when they got death threats from the KKK and some extremist religious groups. As for deaths from drugs, well, drugs were way more commonplace back in the 1960's through 80's. People didn't know how dangerous drugs were- to them drug taking was entertainment and inspiration- and an escape from reality. being famous isnt always fun and musicians often were under a lot of pressure and stress then expected to be active on stage half the night, so drugs and alcohol were a relief- a way to escape the hardships of life for famous and ordinary people alike.Smoking was because they were bored and nobody knew it was bad- there were no warnings like u see today on packages. Things like cancer are sad, but its mostly about genetics, so there's not much one can do, though musicians on the rosd dont lead the healthiest lifestyles of course. Murder is also, of course very common in this world. you dont think about it until a famous person or a loved one is a victim, but the number of murders is enormous Tolerance is also part of it- the people who got murdered then were 'different'. Music like rock and anything but classical or jazz was considered bad and rebellious for a while. Also, musicians often had, and were very outspoken about 'different' or 'challenging' ideas the world doesnt want to hear. people like Lennon used music and fame to be an activist, and that angered and scared the people, so they killed them to avoid thinking about it.

    Nobody innocent was meant to die really- it just happens.It's sad, but at least they are immortalized through their music. Nobody wanted to die, of course, (except suicides) but they never really knew they were going to die young so they didnt think about why they died. Some, like George Harrison knew they were dying and were at peace with it after living a short but fulfilling life. Others didnt have time to think, their deaths were sudden, but at least life ended peacefully. Even Lennon's last words were not accusatory toward his murder, so he must've been fairly accepting and at peace. Lets remember their happy lives and amazing music and not dwell on their deaths or question God as it only brings grief.

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  • 9 years ago

    I wouldn't say there's a reason behind any of these tragedys.

    Most of these deaths, from what I understand, where either drug overdoses, accidents, or suicide in the depth of an overdose.. Like Kurt Cobain.

    These musicians lived fast lives, surrounded by sex, drugs and rock n roll. Combine that with the constant risk of traveling by bus, automobile, and air plane constantly.

    There's an old saying that the candle that burns the brightest only burns half as long... if that.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Freddie Mercury John Lennon Keith Moon John Bonham Jimmy Hendrix Janis Joplin Kurt Cobain Ronnie Van Zant (Skynard) Cliff Burton (Metallica) Jim Morrison

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    Sh*t happens. Sometimes it's due to stupidity, other times its due to things we can't control. We need to move on. Yes it's sad that people like Ian Curtis or Jerry Garcia died, but we need to stop mourning, appreciate what music they did put out during their life, and move on.

    Celebrate their life, not mourn over their death.

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  • Ryan H
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    9 years ago

    It really is sad,Drugs destroy so many amazing things it's not funny..I hate them.

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  • 9 years ago

    The facts of life is that we all die in the end.

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  • 9 years ago

    Dimebag didn't deserve it...

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  • 9 years ago

    because most of them did drugs, they died very early. look, heroin overdose, heart attack, kidney failure, cocaine overdose

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    well, people just die. thats how it is.

    and you forgot Jimmy 'The Rev' sullivan.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    People die, how old are you?

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