What insects/animals make noise at night in Georgia?

I moved to Georgia from California in 2007 but I still do not know what insects create these sounds at night during the summer. Summer nights in the south are SO LOUD. What insects are these? Also, what are the insects that suddenly start buzzing and die down throughout the day time? There are your stereotypical crickets, but also these other insects I don't know anything about.


Yes Georgia is boring. The Atlanta area is nice but sadly I live in the deep south... The exact opposite of where a California girl wants to live. I'm forced to shop at Walmart. That explains everything.

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    The loud insects you are hearing at NIGHT are most likely Common True Katydids. They can be extremely loud and numerous, creating a loud chorus at night. They are named after their song because to some, it sounds like they are saying back and forth "Katy did, Katy didn't, Katy did, Katy didn't". It doesn't really sound like that but hey, we didn't always have TV to entertain us...

    The buzzing insects you hear during the DAY are cicadas. There are several species that you can hear throughout the summer, every summer. They are predominately daytime singers.

    Below is my favorite site for common singing insects. Your katydid is the only species under "True Katydids". Click on it and it will play audio with waveform. Try some of the cicadas too and see if you can match what you are hearing.


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    Insects In Georgia

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    This question is proof that Georgia is a boring state. I'm sorry to hear you had to move there from California. On the bright side, you're closer to Florida.

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    They are called cicadas. They are commonly found in Tropical, Sub-Tropical (the climate of Georgia), and temperate regions all around the world.

    Here is what one looks like.


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    Cicadas.. They are all over the south

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