What do you think of this 6 young illegal immigrants arrested in Ga. protest?

ATLANTA -- Six young illegal immigrants were arrested Tuesday after they sat down and blocked traffic near the Georgia state Capitol to publicly declare their status and to protest state policies targeting illegal immigrants, the latest in a string of such "coming out" events in Georgia and other parts of the country.

The young people were protesting a policy that bars Georgia's most competitive state colleges and universities from accepting illegal immigrants and they were opposing strict new state legislation. A federal judge on Monday blocked two key provisions of that law. The young people, who decided to risk arrest and deportation for their protest, say that's not enough

Federal judges have now blocked parts of similar laws in Arizona, Utah, Indiana and Georgia from taking effect. Civil liberties groups have pledged to sue to block others in Alabama and South Carolina.

"It's time to stand up and let the world know that we need to fight for what we believe in," said Nataly Ibarra, a 16-year-old high school student.

Four of the young people arrested are high school students, one is a recent high school graduate and one is a 24-year-old college graduate. It was not immediately clear what charges they might face.

Last year, four young people were arrested during a sit-in at U.S. Sen. John McCain's office in Arizona. Students at several suburban Atlanta high schools staged walkouts last month, and a group of seven illegal immigrant young people were arrested in April after they sat down in a downtown Atlanta street and blocked traffic to call attention to their situation. Five others were arrested in May at the Indiana office of Gov. Mitch Daniels after a protest grew confrontational


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    10 years ago
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    I say that it is a good thing that they did this in the US and not mexico, there the probably would have been shot.

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    4 years ago

    He (sheriff) became into on Glenn Beck and had poster the different team made up of him as a Nazis. He reported it did no longer hardship him because of the fact the extra they tried to slam him the extra artwork he go carried out. that they had some clips of his penal complex and that final month he deported 2,one hundred criminals or which ans it is wild, the two,one hundred had committed over 11,000 crimes of which 8,4 hundred have been felonies. If that have been the now the 300,000 *(28%) in Federal penal complex would have comitted over a million.5 million crimes, then upload the guesstament in state jails, consisting of his and you have yet another 3 hundred,000* or yet another a million.5 million crimes against united statesa.. The sheriff along with his palms finished is likewise Sheriff Flores in Laredo, he's lacking over 60 people and an excellent form of minorities. He gets no help and made the assertion that as quickly as there's a the government does not come. it is unhappy that courtroom circumstances like the single against the airlines taht paved the way for 911 are even enable. somebody final nighttime stated that Bush slung a team of stuff on the wall and it would take a protracted time for the democrats to convey down. With the borders and with the three million visa jumpers from all ove* ask your self we even have any regulation. it's time to freshen up and end crime and medicines. a available invasion? Oh yea they're conserving your rights. Take care. end the amnesty flood the democrats all started then form it out till then ignore it. with the help of the time the election might have occurred yet another 3-4 million would be right here*

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    10 years ago

    They were probably arrested more for creating a public nuisance than being illegal.

    They're not responsible until they're 18.5 if their parents brought them.

    Bottom line: I have no sympathy for certain classes of illegals, but I do for others.

    People being funneled through Mexico, none. Criminals, none. I don't consider Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras etc so bad that it can't be changed by average citizens.

    People afraid to return home because of the conditions there, some. Places that are run by military, dictators, tribal leaders or religious freaky families, yes I have some sympathy and don't wish them to "go home" unless they're criminals.

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    10 years ago

    Deport Deport Deport!!!

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  • 10 years ago

    Good on them for fighting for what they believe in! All humans have the unalienable right to come here to the USA illegally. The new GA law denies illegal immigrants of this right and must be done away with.

  • 10 years ago

    Zero tolerance for immigration law violators. Ship 'em out and bar them from reentry. They have the right to return to their country of citizenship.

  • 10 years ago

    they are pretty brave to stand up for what they believe in, and due to their living in the US for the majority of their lives they had the idea that the US cares about the suffering of others. They will learn that the US only cares about the suffering of those that can vote.

  • 10 years ago

    they need to be deported

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