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Thailand airline first class price?

How much does First Class cost? I live in Los Angeles.

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    Thai Airways apparently does not have a first class section, it was $4977.99 for their business class seat., when I checked for an october flight staying 7 days. $1567.99 for economy.

    I live in Los Angeles also there are alternatives, China Air and EVA Air both fly to Bangkok through Taipei, Taiwan. which maybe cheaper.

    I flew on Thai airways in November 2010 in economy and it was very nice. I take the flight departing at night so I can arrive during the day. I sleep a good portion of the trip. Having flown all three airlines to Bangkok. Thai Airways had the most legroom of the 3 so if you had to consider economy, the premium price is worth the business class type space. EVA air has a Deluxe Economy seat on its 747's and Elite class seat on its 777's, these are business class seats and leg room for USD 150 per ticket round trip. This is the bargain.

    On the return, I may sleep 4-5 hours and watch movies since you return early evening usually.

    BTW, I am 6'1" tall and 230 lbs, I appreciate the legroom.

    Good luck

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    It will depend on what day you leave LA. If you want to leave next week maybe over $7000. In 3 or 4 months cheaper. You have so many choices for airlines on the West Coast. But prices are seasonal. You do have a break in price every now and then but summer months are high. Same for December through January prices.

    Checking just now for Delta First Class leaving LA on July 1 will run around $8645. Leaving Aug. 4 the price is $1300 cheaper. Leaving October 3 the price is $5372. From the West Coast after the middle of September using economy maybe $1000.

    Visit a local travel agency and ask them. Look up some airlines on the internet and enter your departure and return dates and you will get a price. Vary departure day - forward and back a few days to see if the price drops. Stay at least 14 days in Thailand. Any less you really don't get your money's worth for the ticket.

    Use this forum for hotels, transportation, customs, etc. help.

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    now's the time to purchase tickets for January, do no longer wait until eventually January, you may desire to purchase a minimum of a month out to get a reliable fare. in case you like the main inexpensive fares, examine China airlines (by way of Taipei) or United airlines. Cathay Pacific by way of Hong Kong regularly has aggressive fares to BKK. in case you will come across a reliable fee with Cathay, I enormously advise utilising them. Their service, meals and in-flight entertainment besides as reliable layover cases is well worth slightly extra money. Thai airlines and Singapore airlines additionally are very reliable, yet maximum in all probability extra costly and on many Singapore airlines flights you have got 2 layovers.

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    Expensive, but price varies constantly depending on season and advance purchase.

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