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HELP! I need advice on how I am doing so far on my diet. For breakfast, I had a glazed doughnut and for lunch?

I had a grilled cheese on diet bread and a side salad with fat-free feta(60 calories a slice). How am I doing so far?


Just wanted to add that the salad dressing was fat free and for dinner I am having hot tea.

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    Definitely do not have a doughnut for breakfast! have fruit or toast or porridge or cereals... the lunch is fine but try and cut out the sweets and fatty foods. (I am a hypocrite as I am a chocoholic!! :P)

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    10 years ago

    Both bagels and doughnuts are empty carbs that provide little nutrition and will not help you lose weight. Try granola or a whole grain cereal in the morning instead. The protein and fiber will keep you fuller long.

    The problem with salads is the dressing. Try a low-fat vinaigrette or salsa ON THE SIDE, not tossed! Have a small snack between meals and a dinner of lean meat or fish (grilled chicken breast or salmon filet) with rice and fresh (not frozen) veggies. Drink lots of water and don't eat within 3 hours of bedtime.

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    10 years ago

    Really bad lol :/

    Glazed doughnut is not a diet food and is full of rubbish.

    Grilled cheese? Diet bread is ok, but cheese? Really?

    Hot tea for dinner :/

    You need to do some more research!

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    stable question. I lot of folk eat doughnuts for breakfast. i might say it does not be the healthiest because of the fact you would be able to have a cereal with milk in it. I in lots of cases have that and a banana to circulate alongside with it. sometimes i'm going to eat a granola bar additionally. additionally, I drink orange juice additionally. different recommendations may be pancakes, waffles, toasts, 1st baron beaverbrook, and eggs. Any combination of those. yet only because of the fact I reported that doesn't advise you ought to pay attention. I only think of it would be extra constructive to get different mixtures once you eat breakfast.

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    Its not good to have do much sugar in the morning. eat a whole wheat English muffin with sugar free jelly and light cream cheese. Its sooo yummy.

    Even a bagel isn't that good for breakfast.

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    Your doing OK, its your first day. I actually just started my diet as well. ( not really a diet just eating healthy). And, your OK but instead of a glazed doughnut, you should choose whole grain white/wheat bread or a english muffin. Good luck! Can you other answers answer my question?;_ylt=ArDeT...

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    I would say eat a bagel instead of a glazed donut.

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