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What was Outland, the sci fi movie?

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    Outland isis an 1981 science fiction thriller film written and directed by Peter Hyams.

    Set on Jupiter's moon Io, it has been described as a space Western, and bears thematic resemblances to High Noon.

    The movie stars Sean Connery as Marshal William T. O'Niel, Peter Boyle as Sheppard (the General Manager), Kika Markham as O'Niel's wife, and Frances Sternhagen as Dr. Lazarus.

    Federal Marshal William O'Niel is assigned to a tour of duty in a titanium ore mining outpost on Jupiter's moon Io.

    Conditions on Io are difficult - gravity is 1/6 that of Earth with no breathable atmosphere, spacesuits are cumbersome, and miners carry their own air supply. Shifts are long but significant bonuses are paid. Sheppard (Peter Boyle) boasts that since he took over the running of Io productivity has broken all previous records.

    The film begins with a miner named Tarlow (John Ratzenberger) suffering an attack of the DT's ripping open his work-suit resulting in his death by decompression. Later, another miner, Cane (Eugene Lipinski), goes outside without his spacesuit, and likewise dies from decompression.

    With the assistance of Dr Lazarus (Frances Sternhagen), O'Niel investigates the deaths. However, another incident happens involving a worker, Sagan (Steven Berkoff), who takes a prostitute hostage and threatens to kill her with a knife. O'Niel attempts to calm the man by the main door, while Montone, O'Niel's sergeant (James B. Sikking), sneaks in via the air duct. Montone kills Sagan before O'Niel can talk with him.

    O'Niel and Lazarus discover that all of the deaths had one thing in common, an amphetamine-type drug, allowing the miners to work continuously for days at a time. That is until they "burn out" and turn psychotic. O'Niel uncovers a drug distribution ring run by Sheppard and sanctioned by Montone.

    Using surveillance cameras, O'Niel finds and captures one of Sheppard's dealers, placing him in isolation. But before he can be questioned the dealer is killed. Montone is then found garroted. O'Niel does find and destroy the latest shipment of drugs which were hidden in a food shipment from Jupiter. When Sheppard finds out what O'Niel did he calls in professional hitmen to kill him. O'Niel is ready, though, since he has been monitoring Sheppard's communications.

    Knowing the assassins are on the way and with only Dr. Lazarus willing to help him, as his "last act" O'Niel sends a message to his wife (Kika Markham) and son, promising them that he will join them on the trip home to Earth.

    When the men arrive, O'Niel tracks them and ambushes each, killing them. He is then confronted by Sheppard's "inside man", one of his own deputies. The two fight outside the base until O'Niel pulls the deputy's oxygen hose, suffocating him. O'Niel then confronts the surprised Sheppard in the base recreation bar, knocking him out with one punch. Later, arrest warrants are issued for everyone involved, including the mine management and Sheppard. O'Niel retires and leaves to join his wife and son on the trip back to Earth.

    O'Niel's costumes at a convention in Stockholm, Sweden.Outland was filmed at Pinewood Studios, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, UK, with an estimated budget of $16,000,000. The film's working title was "Io" (the setting of the film), which was later changed because many people read it as the number 10, or "lo" ("low"). Principal photography took place in late-1980 and post-production was completed in February 1981.

    Outland was the first motion picture to use IntroVision, a variation on Front Projection that allows foreground, midground and background elements to be combined in-camera, as opposed to using optical processes such as bluescreen matting. This enabled characters to convincingly walk around miniature sets of the mining colony.

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    it was a remake of the old western, "High Noon" with Sean Connery as the sheriff and Peter Boyle as the head bad guy. it was set in a colony on the Moon

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