The University of Alabama?

Please don't answer if you go to Auburn (obviously biased :) I'm transferring to UA as a Sophomore in the Fall. I was wondering if anyone who went there or knows people who go there has any opinion of it? Did they like it? What were the pros and cons? Thanks!

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  • Leila.
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    9 years ago
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    I do know people who have gone or are there and say that it's really great. :) I went a couple of days ago to get toured around and even though I'm biased because I've been an Alabama football fan and a fan of the school in general, I'd say it's really impressive. People think that just because the school's got a reputation as a sports university, that the academics are probably lacking. But this is far far far from the truth. Their business college is ranked really high nationally (I can't really remember the exact rank) and their communications college is also quite renown. Actually, their public relations program is second in the country, second only to NYU. Their med school is apparently very good as well. So it's really great. And then, of course, the sports are amazing. Therefore, spirit in everything is high and the atmosphere is just really fun, from what I hear and see. It's got southern charm and that laid-back feel at the same time. I think it's a good choice because while you'd be having an awesome college time, you wouldn't really be compromising quality of education, from what I can tell! That's all I know. haha good luck :)

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