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Anonymous asked in TravelAir Travel · 9 years ago

Which Airport is most Extreme?

Which airport do you guys think is most extreme?

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  • 9 years ago
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    Airports are pretty unique and there are a number that can probably make that list.

    Osaka Kansai International. The airport is built on a man-made island. Because of that, the land is constantly shifting. Therefore there are lots of plates or screws under the airport which are adjusted to compensate for the land that is shifting up and down.

    Princess Juliana International in St. Maarten. This airport is an aviation enthusiast's dream. The runway is really close to the beach and those who are sitting at Maho Beach can watch airplanes fly just above their heads. You can see videos on

    The old Kai Tek Airport in Hong Kong. That airport is so cool to fly into. It is quite challenging for pilots because of the short single runway and strong cross-breeze. When you fly into the airport, you will go past lots of apartment buildings and can see the residents inside and know exactly what they are doing because you are so close. Since they closed Kai Tek and opened up the new Hong Kong International Airport, the approach is not as extreme but the airport is really nice.

    Gisborne Airport in New Zealand is interesting in that the runway intersects a set of train tracks. If an airplane is going to take-off and a train is coming, the train has to stop.

    Another airport that is unique is Gibraltar Airport. The main road dividing the city runs through the runway of the airport. Therefore when a plane wants to take-off, all cars have to stop.

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  • henzel
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    4 years ago

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  • 7 years ago

    Extreme airport is in UAE which is built now in dubai that is new airport it is so big and easy to go [your everything will go in another plane and you will go in another plane]planes names are Fly Emirates enjoy that airport it is so extreme airport

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  • 9 years ago

    Maple Leafs! Yeah!

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