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twin names !! :) (for future not now)?

hi !! :) these are not all my favourites but i want opinions please :) be honest !!

what do you think of these twin names ? :) opinions/rate ?


rosie eve/gracie lois

lotte ava /izzy rose (Charlotte/Isabella)



sami oliver/jake luca

joel arthur/noah jon


archie george/freddie joseph

elias louis/emmet skylar




amethyst/theodore (amy/theo)

random sibsets :)

viola, charlotte, joel, oscar, chester

noah, rayna, lara, joey, mia, sami, jada

julietta, nerissa, arthur, sebastian,

indianna, evanna, lyra, ezra

darcy, april, emilie, lucie, owen, beau

any other suggestions ? :)

thank you !! xo


lili olivia - thank you :) and i know i really love the name amelia and i would probably go with that with and a not so common middle name with it :) i was just curious after hearing amethyst recently some general opinions of it :)

Update 2:

thanks for all the answers :) louis would be pronounced loo - y :)

Update 3:

george is definetely going to be a middle name for one of my children - it is family/sentimental/personnal :) <3

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    Rosie Eve/Gracie Lois - Rosie & gracie r cute but theyre gp names to me, i would use Roselynn / Gracelynn if i had to. theyre pretty though, but more nicknamey to me. Eve is pretty but i dont like Lois, what about Leah or Lori? 7/10

    Lotte ava/Izzy Rose (Charlotte / Isabella) - Charlotte ava & Isabella rose are beautiful! for Charlotte i like the nn Charlie better n for Isabella i like Bella or Abby, but Izzys okay, i dont like Lotte though. Charlie ava/Abby rose are adorable :) 8/10

    Eira / Aoife - ...confused on pronounced. soo...4/10

    i like Joel arthur & Noah jon the best for boy/boy, and Noah/annie. i would change amethyst to amelia, amelia/theodore (amy/theo). that would be my fav :)

    my fav random sibset is Viola, charlotte, joel, oscar, chester. julietta, nerissa, arthur, sebastian is pretty too!

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    rosie eve/gracie lois - 7

    Rose Eve works well, not entirely sure if Gracie Lois does, but I love Gracie.

    lotte ava /izzy rose (Charlotte/Isabella) - 7

    Charlotte Ava and Isabella Rose are both cute, but Isabella Rose is used quite a bit

    eira/aoife - 2

    Being honest, I don't know how to pronounce these...


    sami oliver/jake luca - 9

    Sami Oliver is so cute! Jake Luca is adorable!

    joel arthur/noah jon - 8

    LOVE Noah Jon, but I think Arthur Joel would work better than Joel Arthur

    cal/luc - 8


    archie george/freddie joseph - 7

    Love Archie and Freddie! So cute! Maybe a different middle name for George though?

    elias louis/emmet skylar - 5

    Like Elias alot, but not sure if having two names ending in 's' is a good idea for one name? Not keen on Skylar, but Emmet is okay.


    jai/hana - 6


    noah/annie -7

    Love Noah and Annie is cute

    amethyst/theodore (amy/theo) - 7

    Like Theo and Amy, but not sure if I like Theodore. I don't like Amethyst.

    random sibsets :)

    I've taken out the names I don't like

    Charlotte, Joel, Oscar

    Noah, Lara, Jada

    Nerissa, Arthur


    darcy, april, emilie, lucie, owen, beau

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    Girl/girl - Rosie Eve and Gracie Lois

    Boy/Boy - Archie George and Freddie Joseph

    And from your randoms I like: Viola, Oscar, Lara, Mia, Sebastian, Ezra, Emilie and Noah

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    Joel Jamie

    Marcus Ashleigh

    Martin Benjamin

    Brian Grant

    Joshua Eddie

    girl girl

    Raelynn Rachel

    Sheryl Bernice

    Gwen Isabelle

    May June

    Megan Lia

    boy girl

    Jerome Jermaine

    Shaun Charmaine

    Jimmy Agatha

    Ryan Rebecca

    Thomas Anna

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    set 1 Izzy Rose and something else :)

    set 2 noah Jon and Archie George

    set 3 Amethyst and theodore

    randoms ones i like: emilie :) raynia darcy sebastian

    others Alkira( skye in aboriginal)






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    G Twins: Delaney Bristol "Laney" Karsten Alette B Twins: Noah Kivlighn (family final call, kiv-lin) Reilly Kingston B/G Twins: Bridget Niamh (pron. Neeve) Patrick Eoin (pron. Owen)

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    From your choices I only kinda like:

    Charlotte Ava and Isabela Rose

    Joel Arthur and Noah John

    Noah and Annie

    If I could switch up up I like:

    Charlotte Amanda and Isabela Rose

    Joshua Alexander and Noah Jonathan

    Amelia and Theodore

    And out of your random sib sets I like:

    Mia Juliet and Lyra Charlotte (Girl/girl)

    Ezra Sebastian and Owen Beau (boy/boy)

    Evanna April and Ezra Joel

    I really like it when twins' names start with the same sound or letter, so my suggestions are:

    Alicia Grace and Aurelia Rose (Girl/girl)

    Benjamin Josheph and Brielle Yurellia (Boy/girl)

    Caleb Joel and Cristopher Emmerson (Boy/boy)

    Dalilah Marie and Destiny Alexandra (Girl/Girl)

    Ezra Athony and Eviana Alese (boy/girl)

    Henrie Paxton and Heath Bryceton(boy//boy)

    Ivanna Bristol and Ivey Susana (Girl/Girl)

    Juliet Ameri and Jules Alec (girl/boy)

    Kyle Richard and Kurt Landon (boy/boy)

    Logan Nathaniel and Lyle Alexander (boy/boy)

    Zachariah Joshua and Zara Marie (boy/girl)

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    A lot of them are very babyish nicknames. Rosie and Gracie? Archie and Freddie? Fine on a two month old. Silly on a twelve year old, and downright awful on an adult.

    Think about the adult your baby will become, not just about naming a cute baby. You can always use a nickname while they are tiny.

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    Ezra and Mia.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    If I had twin girls I would name them Katherine and Jazlin and for boys Ian and Stephen they are my favorite names

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