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Weird insurance policy dilemma?

SO. Here's the story. I'm planning on moving in with a friend for my senior year of high school because my family is moving to another state, and I can't leave what I have here. But I don't know how car/health insurance would work. Would I send my folks money or would I get my own thing or could they still keep me in their plan thing? There's a lot I don't know about insurance kind of stuff, so any advice will help. :) Thanks!


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    Auto insurance. Do you own your car? Or do your parents own the car that you use? If the car is registered in your name you would have to get your own insurance. If they provide a car they own for your use they will likely be able to maintain their coverage with you listed as a driver on their policy.

    Health insurance. You need to know more about the health insurance they have. If they have an HMO type of plan you may not have any coverage except for emergency treatment because the HMO network of physicians and hospitals the HMO requires you to use would be in another state. If they have a PPO it is not as dire but you would experience higher deductibles and higher coinsurance for being out of network. Other coverages such as office visits would be subject to the higher deductible instead of a low copay. Preventative health benefits might not be covered at all when you are out of network.

    This "insurance kind of stuff" can get complicated. Your parents need to discuss your situation with their agent.

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    Um, that would be "utmost". Not "up most".

    You'll have to ask "folks" to check what your benefits would be like, on an out of state basis, with their health insurance. Different plans work different ways. You'll need to be added as a household driver, to the policies in the household in which you are living.

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    Insurance policy differ from state to state so best is to speak your insurance provider or insurance consultant in the state and discuss in detail your problem, if the country remains the same and the insurance provider continues to provide its services in the state you are moving they would continue but few changes may be required.

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    Car insurance is generally done by household. You would probably share a policy with your friend or your friend's parents.

    For health insurance, a person under 19 usually cannot get his "own thing", and you cannot share with a person who is not immediate family. You would probably have to stay in your parent's thing.

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