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Would you commit suicide given the following situation...?

Suppose you are so uncomfortable in a physical body that you feel like youre imprisoned in a block of concrete. You have the constant feeling of being inside something hard and immovable without the ability to see, hear or speak. Suppose you remember what its like to be free and able to move about and feel the sun on your skin and breathe fresh air. Suppose also that, if you did commit suicide, you would be deeply devestating someone you love and care about deeply. Would you continue existing in a feeling of entrapment if it meant that your loved one remained unharmed? In other words would your loved ones happiness be worth a life of misery for you?


im sorry, Jackie, but this is the best way I can describe it

Update 2:

the concrete block is a figure of speech...its an image representing a feeling

Update 3:

youre not reading my question carefully enough, Jared

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    In the Conversations with God Series by Neale Donald Walsh, God says that all death is suicide, it is just a matter of whether we want to do it quickly, or over time with eating bad food, breathing polluted air, smoking, drinking etc. If someone is in pain, God does not want one to suffer, and does not blame someone for leaving their body quickly. If someone was to love you so much they would understand that, to keep you is selfish, everyone is sad when someone dies, not because so much they think something bad happened to them, but they cry for themselves, that what they want is no longer with them. Take this story for instance I was so in love with this guy, we lived together for a year, but I noticed he would go in the bedroom all sad and close the door sometimes. I found out he was looking at pictures of his kids he loved so much and his wife he was still in love with. I planned it out and talked him into moving to the city where his children and ex lived, and when we got there I said this is where I drop you off, I am moving on. I loved him enough to let him go and try to work things out with his wife and to be there for his children. Now, that is love. You do what you think is best for you, is my thoughts.

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    For me, this is an easy question. I have no problem with suicide for a "good reason" -- or assisted suicide. But what you are talking about is metaphorical. You have a transient problem, and there appears to be a way out. No, I would not commit suicide. You still have a lot to offer the world, if you would just get off your butt and do it. Committing suicide would do nothing but harm the people around you and deny the world the contribution to it that you are entitled to give and RESPONSIBLE for giving.

    Uncomfortable in your physical body? Well hell... I feel like that sometimes. One would need to learn to brush that off and just live. Now, if you are riddled with cancer and in pain all the time, then it might make more sense, though I know several people who endured that pain (and that undesirable physical body) until death. In that situation it's up to you to decide which is best.

    My father committed suicide when I was three years old. It helped no one. Maybe he had a good reason. I never knew him, so I will not judge -- nor does that affect what I am saying.

    You are uncomfortable in your physical body. Are you uncomfortable in your mental body? I mean, what you say is so contrived. In my opinion quit being so melodramatic and do something helpful for others. If you don't like yourself, then help others to like themselves. Then, hopefully, you will like yourself more.

    You are creating this feeling. You can end it. And suicide is not the way to end it. You are not that stupid. End it the old-fashioned way: by thinking.

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    Suicide will never make it better it's the easy way out but it doesn't really get you out. You have to think of the family and friends your leaving behind and how that will devastate them because your family is going to blame themselves for it regardless of if you leave a note or not. You need to tell someone close to you about it and get help. Seeing a psychiatrist doesn't mean you are crazy or weird, lots of people see a Psychiatrist its just a private matter. A lot of people go who you would probably never knew did because its meant to be confidential. They can help you overcome these problems and get back to that feeling of freedom and openness you felt, Just whatever you do don't commit suicide, if you ever feel that you are at your lowest just think, it can only go up from here.

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    Wait, so i'm in a box, and i can't move? What the hell are you saying? You need better wording.

    Alright, so you're not comfortable with yourself right? To be honest, i don't know how that feels, but i think like this: We're all gonna die in the end, might as well make the best of what you have now. Why would i end my life short when there are so many wonderful things out there i have yet to experience. So the answer is no, i wouldn't kill myself, you only get one shot a life.

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    This is a trick question.

    Alright, well this is how I interpreted everything. Both options are creating a demand, [pain] a need to be filled. It this love? Love does not cause pain.

    If this disfigured ghost continued to live on it would eventually destroy the happiness of it's love ones.

    Your loved ones would get the chance to watch the love of their lives die in pieces. There would be a good amount of suffering and misery on both ends. It could get bad. It could become hell, possibly. If hell is replaying itself over and over again.

    The ghost would end up loosing it's loved ones through it's lost of dignity.

    I know that when you take away a person's dignity there is a hole, a deep black hole filled with despair, humiliation and self-hatred, filled with emptiness, shame and disgrace, filled with loss and isolation and Hell. It's a deep, dark, horrible damn hole, and that hole is where people like that ghost live their sad-as, fuked-up, dignity-free, inhuman lives, and where they die, alone, miserable, wasted and forgotten.

    In both seniros your loved ones would fall victim.

    So personally I would choose suicide. I don't think it would be as selfish. I wouldn't be directly hurting my loved ones. In some ways it would probably make them appreciate their lives. Although suicide is truly an awful thing to do.

  • No.

    Listen to the lyrics, especially the chorus:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I was serious about that song. It has helped me to think things differently.

    Anyway, no I would not. Everything must change and everything must pass even this feeling you feel now. I cannot fully put myself in your shoes since I've never felt like you.

    As for your end question... that is a hard question. My ideology states extreme individualism. We live for ourselves. We are always alone. Maybe I'm wrong. I do know that suicide is an extreme and final measure. It ends everything that is you and obviously there's no turning back.

    Personally I'd tell these loved ones these feelings. That is their job to clear up since they know you best and are tasked with loving you too.

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    I would explain to my loved ones, that their memory of me is gone. That I am in now what is horrible state, and that my existence is a constant torture. I would prefer my loved ones to remember when I was happy and freely moving rather than being stuck without respite. That the person I am now is not the same person that they once loved, that my continued existence in this state further takes away from me all that makes me human.

    I would ask that a busty nurse come into the room and then motorboat/suffocate me to death, alla Monty python style.

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    Loved ones Happiness be worth a life of misery. I am living in the same state,for My grown up KIDS,Because they are always KIDS for Me.

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    Suicide isn't a solution, it's running away from a problem. It's the coward's way out. The only time suicide is ever honorable is if you kill yourself to save the life of another.

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    sit down with him and hear the music a greater perfect place a greater perfect time by employing streetlight manifesto with him yet have the lyrics around it relatively is the suited argument against suicide i'm able to think of of

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