Go To iTunes Or Whatever You Use.

Then put it on shuffle and put a song with the artist for each answer.

Don't cheat by choosing or skipping songs. It won't all make sense.

About You

So what's your weird name?

Who are you?

Who do you feel like?

What do you feel like doing?

What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

What do people call you?

How's the weather?

What are you feeling?

What are you craving?

What are you thinking?

Where are you?

What should you be doing?

How is your day?

What do you look like?

Your Random Thoughts On











The president



Random Stuff

Personal Motto

Goal in life

What your thinking of

What you want to be

What your most proud of

What your least proud of

Your soundtrack

Opening credits

Theme song

Waking up


First love


Teen years


Scary moments



Closing credits

Finish the sentence...

I wish...

I want...

I am...

My best feature is...

You should...

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  • 9 years ago
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    About You

    So what's your weird name? Sweet Talk by The Killers

    Who are you? Heartbreaker by Led Zeppelin

    Who do you feel like? Sofa Song by The Kooks

    What do you feel like doing? Freak 'N' Roll by Ash Ra Tempel

    What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Where Has She Gone by The Checks

    What do people call you? Citizen Erased by Muse

    How's the weather? Walnut Tree by Keane

    What are you feeling? Sleeping Lessons by The Shins

    What are you craving? Three Colors by Sunset Rubdown

    What are you thinking? Broken Open by Adam Lambert

    Where are you? Theme For The Oddmory Philosophies by The Seven Mile Journey

    What should you be doing? Dreams by Passion Pit

    How is your day? I've Got Your Number by Passion Pit

    What do you look like? Everything With You by The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

    Your Random Thoughts On

    Life~ One More Night by Can

    Family~ Here Comes The Anxiety by The Wombats

    Parents~ Blood Oranges by Foreign Band

    Siblings~ I Think I'm In Love by Spirtualized

    Grandparents~ Sleeping Lion by Sparkadia

    Love~ Blood And Treasure by Bear Hands

    Friends~ A Different City by Modest Mouse

    Career~ Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

    Food~ On The Run by Pink Floyd

    Celebrities~ Siva by The Smashing Pumpkins

    The president~ Year Of The Rooster by Sufjan Stevens

    Politics~ Hickory by Iron & Wine

    Death~ Me And Lazarus by Iron & Wine

    Random Stuff~ Parklife by Blur

    Personal Motto~ Alas! Alas! The Breath Of Life! by The Ascent Of Everest

    Goal in life~ Kissing The Blvd by Gliss

    What your thinking of~ Shooting Star by Air Traffic

    What you want to be~ Electric Feel by Mgmt

    What your most proud of~ Everyone Whistling by Animal Collective

    What your least proud of~ The Air by Modest Mouse

    Your soundtrack

    Opening credits~ Us Ones In Between by Sunset Rubdown

    Theme song~ Semi-Precious Stone by Wolf Parade

    Waking up~ Come With Me by Ceo

    School~ The horrible fanfare-landslide-exoskeleton

    First love~ Got To Get You In My Life by The Beatles

    Childhood~ Loose Change by The Morning Benders

    Teen years~ Jamelia by Caribou

    Wedding~ Are You On My Side by Rogue Wave

    Scary moments~ Strung Up From The Sky by Pelican

    Dancing~ Act Naturally by The Beatles

    Funeral~ See Emily Play by Pink Floyd

    Closing credits~ Moonshake by Can

    Finish the sentence...

    I wish... Nickee Coco And The Invisible Tree by Of Montreal

    I want... Prologue by The Antlers

    I am... I'm Jim Morrison, Im Dead by Mogwai

    My best feature is... Seamus by Pink Floyd

    You should... The Waydown by Modest Mouse


  • 9 years ago

    About You

    So what's your weird name? I Will Follow You Into The Dark- Death Cab For Cutie

    Who are you? Sweet Child O' Mine- Guns N Roses

    Who do you feel like? Melrose Diner- The Wonder Years

    What do you feel like doing? Feeling This- Blink 182

    What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Paper Planes- M.I.A.

    What do people call you? The New Blood- Terror

    How's the weather? Hold Me Down- Motion City Soundtrack

    What are you feeling? Bostons- Have Heart

    What are you craving? The Impaler- The Acacia Strain

    What are you thinking? Certain- Set Your Goals

    Where are you? Sympathy- Goo Goo Dolls

    What should you be doing? Logan Circle- The Wonder Years

    How is your day? Plateua- Nirvana

    What do you look like? My Heroine- Silverstein

    Your Random Thoughts On

    Life: My Friends Over You- New Found Glory

    Family: At The Bottom Of Everything- Bright Eyes

    Parents: Santeria- Sublime

    Siblings: Rise Above- Black Flag

    Grandparents: Only Death- Terror

    Love: Adam's Song- Blink 182

    Friends: This Is The House That Doubt Built- A Day To Remember

    Career: Buzz Aldrin: The Poster Boy For Second Place- The Wonder Years

    Food: Duality- Bayside

    Celebrities: Stay Cold- Trapped Under Ice

    The president: Scarecrow- Stick To Your Guns

    Politics: Don't Open The Fridge!- The Wonder Years

    Death: We're Rich Too- The Ride Home

    Random Stuff: Stick Tight- Terror

    Personal Motto: You Should Of Killed Me (When You Had The Chance)- A Day To Remember

    Goal in life: Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana

    What your thinking of: Black No. 1- Type O Negative

    What you want to be: My Hero- Foo Fighters

    What your most proud of: Life Through Western Eyes- Stick To Your Guns

    What your least proud of: Unwell- Matchbox 20

    Your soundtrack: Pennyroyal Tea- Nirvana

    Opening credits: You're Caught- Terror

    Theme song: Echoes- Set Your Goals

    Waking up: Poor Man's Poor Sport- Stick To Your Guns

    School: Here's To The Past- A Day To Remember

    First love: Beast- The Acacia Strain

    Childhood: Free Fallin'- Tom Petty

    Teen years: Sink- Brand New

    Wedding: My Favorite Accident- Motion City Soundtrack

    Scary moments: A Decade Under The Influence- Taking Back Sunday

    Dancing: What's My Age Again?- Blink 182

    Funeral: Enter Sandman- Metallica

    Closing credits: Lisztomania- Phoenix

    Finish the sentence...

    I wish...The Castle Builders- La Dispute

    I want...We're What Seperates The Heart From The Heartless- Stick To Your Guns

    I am...Gaia Bleeds- Set Your Goals

    My best feature is...No Rain- Blind Melon

    You should...L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.- Noah And The Whale

  • 9 years ago

    Dittohead- Slayer

    Only- Anthrax

    Beginning Of The End- Testament

    Electric Requiem- Queensryche

    Billys Got A Gun- Def Leppard

    Kill The Words- D.R.I.

    Jailbait- Motorhead

    Oceans- Pearl Jam

    The Nomad- Iron Maiden

    Wanted Man- Ratt

    Knock Em Dead Kid- Motley Crue

    To Live Is To Die- Metallica

    Animal (F*ck Like A Beast)- W.A.S.P.

    I Will Remember- Queensryche

    Ex Tc- Death Angel

    Thunderhead- W.A.S.P.

    I'm Alive- W.A.S.P.

    Prophecy- Queensryche

    Who Cares Wins- Anthrax

    Nightrider- Queensryche

    The Antichrist- Slayer

    Mentally Blind- Death

    Iron Man- Black Sabbath

    Dr. Feelgood- Motley Crue

    The Gypsy Meets The Boy- W.A.S.P.

    Doomsday For The Deceiver- Flotsam & Jetsam

    Electro Violence- Overkill

    Hit The Lights- Metallica

    Rattlesnake Shake- Skid Row

    Heroes End- Judas Priest

    Sweet Cheetah- W.A.S.P.

    Jump In The Fire- Metallica

    Wake Up Dead- Megadeth

    Recipe For Hate...Warhorse- Megadeth

    Thunder Red- W.A.S.P.

    Black Serenade- Slayer

    The Green Manalishi- Judas Priest

    Forbidden Evil- Forbidden

    Porch- Pearl Jam

    Temptation- Slayer

    Regular People (Conceit)- Pantera

    Black Dahlia- Anthrax

    Hellion- W.A.S.P.

    March Into Fire- Forbidden

    Double Zero- Flotsam & Jetsam

    Architecture Of Aggression- Megadeth

    ADI/Horror Of It All- Anthrax

    The Prince- Metallica

    Quest For Fire- Iron Maiden

    Refused To Be Denied- Anthrax

    Queen Of The Reich- Queensryche

    All The Way- Judas Priest

    Fire Fire- Motorhead

    So much of that makes no sense

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago


    Like, are you kidding me!? Dx

    F*ck me.

    EDIT: This one turned out a lot better than the second one though, so it's good that it happened ^-^ I love the "What do you feel like doing?" one, lol. And the "Food" one is just way too coincidental... Owo''


    Anyway, and I'm writing this for the third time... I'm gonna go with Spotify as well as my local files, I haven't heard all of the songs on there, it doesn't have all of the music I like (Like Angelspit, for example) and it's gonna consist of way too much Rasputina (I have 154 tracks by them) but I have wayyy more songs on there than iTunes.


    So what's your weird name?

    Rasputina - Holocaust of Giants

    Who are you?

    Emilie Autumn - Unlaced

    Who do you feel like?

    Rasputina - Brand New Key

    What do you feel like doing?

    Bloodhound Gang - Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo ((That stands for 'F*CK', lmao! x3))

    What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

    HIM - Play Dead

    What do people call you?

    Xandria - Isis/Osiris

    How's the weather?

    CKY - Plagued By Images

    What are you feeling?

    Rasputina - High On Life

    What are you craving?

    Bloodhound Gang - The Ballad of Chasey Lane (The Bloodhound Gang Mix)

    What are you thinking?

    Marina and the Diamonds - Guilty

    Where are you?

    Rasputina - Christian Soldiers

    What should you be doing?

    Rasputina - Rats

    How is your day?

    Rasputina - Any Old Actress

    What do you look like?

    Rasputina - November 17dee


    Your Random Thoughts On


    Jessie J - Do It Like a Dude (Explicit version)


    Emilie Autumn - Misery Loves Company


    HIM - Dead Lovers' Lane


    Emilie Autumn - Thank God I'm Pretty


    Rasputina - The Olde HeadBoard


    Within Temptation - Where Is the Edge


    Rasputina - Draconian Crackdown


    Marina and the Diamonds - Oh No!


    Rasputina - The Donner Party ((O_O''))


    Xandria - Fight Me

    The president:

    HIM - Razorblade Kiss


    Rasputina - Momma Was An Opium-Smoker (Melora Mix)


    HIM - Soul On Fire

    Random Stuff:

    Rasputina - TrenchMouth

    Personal Motto:

    CKY - Plastic Plan

    Goal in life:

    CKY - Imaginary Threats

    What your thinking of:

    Rasputina - Wicked Dickie

    What you want to be:

    Rasputina - Sanchez (Frustration Plantation outtake)

    What your most proud of:

    Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch (The Bloodhound Gang Mix)

    What your least proud of:

    Emilie Autumn - Misery Loves Company (again... If you can't use the same song twice:

    Rihanna - Te Amo (Explicit version))

    Your soundtrack:

    HIM - Behind the Crimson Door

    Opening credits:

    Within Temptations - Candles

    Theme song:

    Emilie Autumn - Liar (Murder Mix by Brendon Small)

    Waking up:

    Bring Me The Horizon - Tell Slater Not To Wash His Dick


    HIM - Passion's Killing Floor

    First love:

    Emilie Autumn - Dead is the New Alive (Manipulator Mix by Dope Stars Inc.)


    Rasputina - Trust All-Stars

    Teen years:

    Emilie Autumn - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun


    Emilie Autumn - Gloomy Sunday

    Scary moments:

    HIM - Endless Dark


    Rasputina - Remnants of Percy Bass


    Rasputina - At the State Fair With a White Trash Sucker (Joseph Bishara Remix)

    Closing credits:

    Rasputina - Pudding Crypt


    Finish the sentence...

    I wish... Rasputina - Afternoon of the Faun

    I want... Rasputina - Holocaust of Giants ((If you can't use the same song twice:

    Emilie Autumn - I Know Where You Sleep))

    I am... Marina and the Diamonds - Oh No! ((If you can't use the same song twice:

    Um, I didn't write this down apparently... So I'll do a new one: Blood On The Dance Floor - S My D))

    My best feature is... Emilie Autumn - In the Lake

    You should... Emilie Autumn - The Art of Suicide

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  • 9 years ago

    Wow, this does look fun. Have a star! ;)

    So what's your weird name? - "The Lion and The Bull", The Mother Hips

    Who are you? - "Fools", Deep Purple

    Who do you feel like? - "White Hills", The Mother Hips

    What do you feel like doing? - "Good Vibrations", The Beach Boys

    What is your biggest guilty pleasure? - "The Haunting (Somewhere in Time)", Kamelot

    What do people call you? - "Give Me Everything You Got", Blue Stahli

    How's the weather? - "Day Tripper", The Beatles

    What are you feeling? - "I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock N Roll", Kiss

    What are you craving? - "Cherry Pie", Warrant (nice)

    What are you thinking? - "Come Together", The Beatles

    Where are you? "My Ashes", Porcupine Tree

    What should you be doing? - "With Me Tonight", The Beach Boys

    How is your day? - "Love, Hate, Love", Alice in Chains

    What do you look like? - "You Drive Me Wild", The Runaways

    Your Random Thoughts On

    Life - "Something Wicked, Pt. 1", Iced Earth (lol)

    Family - "Yellow Submarine", The Beatles

    Parents - "Tetragrammaton", The Mars Volta

    Siblings - "Sacred Lie", Disturbed

    Grandparents - "Born On The Bayou", Creedence Clearwater Revival

    Love - "Illegal i Song", Velvet Revolver

    Friends - "Sweet Leaf [Studio Outtake]", Black Sabbath

    Career - "Flesh Into Gear (Live)", CKY

    Food - "I Speed At Night" - Dio

    Celebrities - "The Thin Line Between Love and Hate", Iron Maiden

    The president - "Light My Fire", The Doors

    Politics - "For Whom The Bell Tolls", Metallica

    Death - "For All Eternity", Fight

    Random Stuff - "The Happiest Days of our Lives", Pink Floyd

    Personal Motto - "Faaid de Oiad", Tool (pfft)

    Goal in life - "Young Lust", Aerosmith

    What your thinking of - "Thrasher", Evile

    What you want to be - "Here Comes The Sun", The Beatles

    What your most proud of - "Latin Simone", Gorillaz

    What your least proud of - "You Wanted The Best", Kiss

    Your soundtrack - "Goodbye Cruel World", Pink Floyd

    Opening credits - "Useful Idiot", Tool

    Theme song - "Tales", Wolfmother

    Waking up - "Tomorrow Comes Today", Gorillaz

    School - "All in the Suit That You Wear", Stone Temple Pilots

    First love - "Nobody Home", Pink Floyd

    Childhood - "Black Sunshine", White Zombie

    Teen years - "Wax Simulacra", The Mars Volta

    Wedding - "From Me To You", The Beatles

    Scary moments - "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds", The Beatles

    Dancing - "Re-Hash", Gorillaz

    Funeral - "Escalation", Kreator

    Closing credits - "The Past", KoЯn

    Finish the sentence... "L'Via L'Viaquez", The Mars Volta

    I wish... "Boys", The Beatles

    I want... "Give Your Heart Away", The Black Keys

    I am... "Intolerance", Tool

    My best feature is... "Set Me Free", Velvet Revolver

    You should... "Weevil Woman '71", Black Sabbath

    Source(s): :D
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Name: Arpeggios from Hell

    Who am I? Me Like Hockey

    Who Do I feel like: Smoke Two Joints

    What do I feel like doing: Haunted

    Guilty Pleasure: Hot Pockets XD

    People call me: Can you hear the wind blow? (It must be my Indian name)

    Weather: Road to Joy

    What am I feeling: Dystopia

    Craving: One Sweet World

    Thinking: Guaranteed

    Where: Proud to be Canadian

    Should be doing: A live drum solo by Mike Portnoy

    How is my day: Short Skirt Long Jacket

    Look like: Wilson

    Life: Killer Queen

    Family: I'm the man

    Parents: Ace of Spades

    Siblings: World Wide Suicide

    Grandparents: Use Somebody

    Love: Wrong Way

    Friends: Hokey F*ckin Pokey

    Career: cradle me now

    Food: Two Minutes to Midnight (must be when I eat)

    Celebs: Supersonic

    President: America (Oh my god That was totally unplanned)

    Politics: The Phantom of the Opera

    Death: limelight

    My motto: The Chase if Better than the Catch (PERFECT!!)

    Goals: Walk this way

    Thinkin of: Spielmann

    Want to be: Rasend Herz

    Most proud of: No more Fun

    Least proud of: Fight Fire with Fire

    Opening creds: Saimo Solo Noi

    Theme song: Wishlist

    Waking: Date Rape

    School: Smoke on the Water (Hellll yeah)

    First love: You can run but you cant hide

    Childhood: The Tetris Theme (Power metal cover)

    Teen: Human

    Wedding: Ill see the Light tonight

    Scary moments: Whiskey in the Jar

    Dancing: Summertime

    Funeral: On the Road Again (Bob Dylan's version)

    End creds: Master of Puppets

    I wish the Space Between

    I want its a long way to the top

    I am At The Bottom of Everything (Again perfect!!!!)

    My best feature is The Name of my Bride (Im a straight chick though)

    You should Hit the Lights

    Source(s): Some of hese were perfect! I didnt skip once
  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    So what's your weird name? Back Street Kids-Black Sabbath

    Who are you? Divine in Fire-Vital Remains

    Who do you feel like? Fairies Wear Boots-Black Sabbath

    What do you feel like doing? 2 Minutes to Midnight-Iron Maiden

    What is your biggest guilty pleasure? God Save the Queen-Sex Pistols

    What do people call you? Beating on Death's Door-LoG

    How's the weather? Home Sweet Home-Motley Crue

    What are you feeling? The Inebriator-Municipal Waste

    What are you craving? I Can't Quit You Baby- Led Zep

    What are you thinking? Subdivisions-Rush

    Where are you? Gallery of Suicide-Cannibal Corpse (LMFAO.. WIN)

    What should you be doing? Dawn Patrol-Megadeth

    How is your day? Feel So Numb-RobZ

    What do you look like? Burnt Ice-Megadeth

    Life; Belly of the Beast-Anthrax

    Family; This Day We Fight!-Megadeth

    Parents; Hybrid Moments-Misfits

    Siblings; No Time to Cry-CoF

    Grandparents; Disenchantment-Meshuggah

    Love; Dr. Feelgood-Motley Crue

    Friends; Last Rites/Loved to Deth-Megadeth

    Career; Nemesis-Arch Enemy

    Food; Never Say Die-Black Sabbath

    Celebrities; Hot Dog-Led Zep

    The president; Naked in the Rain-RHCP

    Politics; Tearing the Veil from Grace-CoF

    Death; Practice What You Preach-Testament

    Random Stuff; When the Levee Breaks-Led Zep

    Personal Motto; Personae Non Gratae-Meshuggah

    Goal in life; F*ck Your God- Deicide

    What your thinking of; Caught Somewhere in Time-Iron Maiden

    What you want to be; Burden-Opeth

    What your most proud of; Fly Like an Eagle-Steve Miller Band

    What your least proud of; Four Sticks-Led Zep

    Your soundtrack; Wearing and Tearing-Led Zep

    Opening credits; Motherf*cker, I Don't Care- Murderdolls (would so LOVE that)

    Theme song; The Lords of Salem-RobZ

    Waking up; Desperate Cry-Sepultura

    School; Satisfaction-Rolling Stones

    First love; Forbidden-Black Sabbath

    Childhood; Kill the Christian-Deicide

    Teen years; Some Kinda Hate- Misfits

    Wedding; Skin O' My Teeth-Megadeth

    Scary moments; In The Evening-Led Zep

    Dancing; FX-Black Sabbath

    Funeral; Sawdust in the Blood-RobZ

    Closing credits; I Turned into a Martian-Misfits (LOL plot twists at their bests, no?)

    I wish... Dani California-RHCP

    I want...Manic Mechanic-ZZ Top

    I am... A Body Farm-Cattle Decapitation

    My best feature is...Saffron's Curse-CoF

    You should...Satan My Master-Dimmu Borgir


  • 9 years ago

    So what's your weird name?

    bachelors of science - match point

    Who are you?

    they might be giants - the end of the tour

    Who do you feel like?

    alan parsons project - some other time

    What do you feel like doing?

    talking heads - who is it?

    What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

    myka 9 - soul beat

    What do people call you?

    david bowie - she shook me cold

    How's the weather?

    musta surma - kalpeina helvetin tulessa

    What are you feeling?

    pink floyd - brain damage

    What are you craving?

    nero's day at disneyland - probably end up dead in a ditch somewhere

    What are you thinking?

    ngc 1365 - second coming

    Where are you?

    lol iripe - ヽ( ・∀・)ノ●ウンコー 1.30%

    What should you be doing?

    nine inch nails - a warm place

    How is your day?

    pariah - angel falls (ai rmx)

    What do you look like?

    magazine - the great beautician in the sky

    Your Random Thoughts On


    drudkh - forests in fire and cold


    metallica - wherever i may roam


    plone - busy working


    cluster - georgel


    arckanum - Þríandi


    miserere luminis - ciel tragique


    craig armstrong - delay


    the devin townsend project - awake!


    led zeppelin - stairway to heaven


    thought - mr zle

    The president

    the conet project - 2 letter hk


    okapi - mammal interpreter (ituri mix)


    frank zappa - more trouble every day (swaggart version)

    Random Stuff

    horna - ylle kuihtuneen ajan ajatusten

    Personal Motto

    invisible landscape - go on & cry

    Goal in life

    gza/genius - swordsman (feat. killah priest)

    What your thinking of

    the orkustra - flash gordon (a practice session)

    What you want to be

    journeyman - biscuits

    What your most proud of

    isengrind - wooden false face

    What your least proud of

    blackpocket - ur a sta (dbridge remix)

    Your soundtrack

    squarepusher - laser rock

    Opening credits

    nine inch nails - capital g

    Theme song

    stars of the lid - hiberner toujours

    Waking up

    eric clapton - promises


    chris zabriskie - the sun is scheduled to come out tomorrow

    First love

    the brian jonestown massacre - [hidden track]


    the beatles - she said she said

    Teen years

    frank zappa - gee, i like your pants


    nokturnal mortum - where the rivers flow into the seas

    Scary moments

    asc feat. intex systems - drum track 3 (heatsink)


    otis redding - respect


    bomb the bass - bug powder dust

    Closing credits

    funky dl - don't even try it

    Finish the sentence...

    I wish...

    bronnt industries kapital - valmara 69

    I want...

    frank zappa - hot rats studio spot 5

    I am...

    at the drive-in - catacombs

    My best feature is...

    jaylib - nowadayz

    You should...

    geto boys - homie don't play that

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    So what's your weird name? babe im gonna leave you - led zep

    Who are you? holy smoke - maiden

    Who do you feel like? caroline - status quo

    What do you feel like doing? brown sugar - the who

    What is your biggest guilty pleasure? foolin' around - freddie mercury

    What do people call you? black milk - massive attack

    How's the weather? changes - david bowie

    What are you feeling? mr boombastic - shaggy

    What are you craving? to you i belong - B*witched

    What are you thinking? come into my life - radiohead

    Where are you? 2 mins to midnight - maiden

    What should you be doing? dirty women - sabbath

    How is your day? diamond dogs - david bowie

    What do you look like? paranoid - black sabbath

    *were meant to keep going right?

    Your Random Thoughts On

    Life - killer queen - queen

    Family - lucky man - the verve .. LOL

    Parents- the song remains the same - led zep

    Siblings- for whom the bell tolls - metallica

    Grandparents- rock and roll - led zep

    Love- club tropicana - wham!

    Friends- maybe - stereophonics

    Career - pinball wizard - the who

    Food- stay another day - east 17

    Celebrities- spice up your life - spice girls

    The president- after midnight - eric clapton

    Politics - all right now - free

    Death - punishment - biohazard

    Random Stuff - wake me up - wham!

    Personal Motto - isolation - john lennon

    Goal in life - paper cuts - nirvana

    What your thinking of - mucky fingers - oasis

    What you want to be - manic depression - jimi hendrix

    What your most proud of - have a nice day - bon jovi

    What your least proud of - invisible touch - genesis

    Your soundtrack - master of puppets - metallica

    Opening credits - black and white- jimmy nail

    Theme song - trashed - black sabbath

    Waking up - freak out - B*witched

    School - battle of evermore - led zep

    First love - lets dance - david bowie

    Childhood - highway star - deep purple

    Teen years- i never dreamed - lynyrd skynyrd

    Wedding - save me - queen

    Scary moments - the doors - light my fire

    Dancing - summer - queens of the stoneage

    Funeral - can i play with madness - iron maiden

    Closing credits- modern love david bowie

    Finish the sentence...

    I wish...fretless - REM

    I want...paranoid android

    I am... dog days are over - florence + the machine

    My best feature is... white riot - the clash

    You should... star me kitten - REM - LOL that actually came up -

    its a sign have a star dear.

  • 9 years ago

    I'm a lazy f*ck so I'm only doing the first section

    So what's your weird name?

    In The Shadows - Story Of The Year

    Who are you?

    Sex Life - D.R.U.G.S.

    Who do you feel like?

    Not Meant To Be - Theory Of A Deadman

    What do you feel like doing?

    All I Do Is Win - T Pain, Ludacris, etc

    What is your biggest guilty pleasure?

    The Feel Good Drag - Anberlin (hahaha)

    What do people call you?

    My First Kiss - 3OH!3

    How's the weather?

    Possession - Evans Blue

    What are you feeling?

    Sometimes - Papa Roach

    What are you craving?

    Cats In The Cradle - Harry Chapin

    What are you thinking?

    Seven Years - Saosin

    Where are you?

    Whisperer - VersaEmerge

    What should you be doing?

    Castles Made Of Sand - Jimi Hendrix

    How is your day?

    Every Girl - Lil Wayne

    What do you look like?

    Nowhere Ride - Chelsea Smiles

    Source(s): Only one was kinda funny :-(
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