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asian drama suggestions?

I wanna watch an asian drama but i dont know what.

im very picky. i like dramas like autumns concerto,hana yori dango, dream high, silence, boys over flowers, fated to love you. dramas with romantic moments but it also has some tragedy that makes you cry. i dont like dramas that are too old. I like pretty recent ones. any suggestions?

i have seen:


coffee prince

full house

1 litre of tears


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  • 10 years ago
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    I watched EVERY drama u listed. ^_^ I'm surprised to find someone else that acually watch "1 litre of tears" as well. ONE OF THE SADDEST DRAMAS EVER! I love that drama! <3 But if ur looking for a new drama, hopeful u go on cause they have SOOO much too choose from.

    The new drama I am currently watching is.. "Miss Ripley" probably bc its featuring Micky Yoochun. But it is a REALLY good drama. I like it. ^_^

    Dramas I have seen in the past that I highly recommend would be... hmmm..

    -Boys over Flowers (JAPAN VERSION) I have seen both, but the japanese version is HELL OF A LOT BETTER.

    -You're Beautiful. (I <3 this drama! It is so clever!)

    -Mary Stayed Out All Night. (It's a really cute drama WATCH IT!)

    -My Girl (hopefully u already seen this one. ^_^)

    -Sweet 18 (It's a really really cute drama but it is a little prolonged I think.)

    -Lovers in Paris! (YOU HAVE 2 WATCH!)

    -Fated to Love You (This is a SUPER LONG DRAMA!! but it is pretty good)

    -Mischievous Kiss (<3 its another cute drama)

    -Dream High (It's newer & a good drama ^^)

    -Tokyo Juliet (I <3'd the drama! It's Taiwanese I think, but omg it is such such a wonderful drama! WATCH n.n)

    -Hana Kimi (WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH WATCH! PLZ WATCH! u will understand why it is SOOO FUNNY! xD) ^__^ I know u'll love hana kimi (TAIWAN VERSION PLZ. ^^)

    These are some of the most main dramas I can think of at the moment. Of course I've seen TONS x100 more though. These stood out the most for me including the dramas u wrote as well. ^__^ I hope I can be a help for ya (:

    Source(s): My brain. haha. ^_^
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