Is $3,000 (all inclusive) for 10 days too much to pay when traveling to Costa Rica in the "green season"?

Planning to leave in two weeks but can't decide whether we want to book ourselves or have a travel company (Costa Rica Expeditions) plan it for us. Since it's the rainy season I understand that booking won't be much a a problem. I think it will be around $250 dollars a day which includes hotel stay, travel, food, admission to parks and activities. Everything that I've heard is that Costa Rica is fairly inexpensive. I want everything to be planned by someone who knows the Country, and since the travel service is based in CR with local employees planning the trip I think it's a good way to go. My friend wants to book things ourselves but my question also, how will we find guides, transportation, and things like that. This is my first out of country trip and want to do the safest yet most adventurous/fun trip. Any info would help, Thanks!


I suppose I should point out it's 3,000 a person. Thanks!

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    EDIT: Since you clarified that it's $3,000 per person for 10 days then it's probably too much. If you click here and spend five minutes filling out the form they will send you a quote for a similar trip and I'd guess it will be about $1,000 per person less with equivalent or even nicer accommodations and the same tours and transfers.


    Is that $3,000 per person? It sounds a little too cheap for two people but quite a bit more than I'd expect even through Costa Rica Expeditions which targets mid to upscale travelers.

    You can order transportation and tours through the hotel tour desks which is a little more than doing direct with the tour and transport companies but you'll still be much less than $3,000 per person. I know the hotels they use (they own most of them) and you should be able to do the same class on your own for at least $1,000 cheaper.

    I'm surprised because although Costa Rica Expeditions is one of the most expensive agencies they aren't usually unreasonable.

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    Way too much! I travel there with my husband quite often (he likes to surf) You and your friend could have a nice trip on $3000 for both of you, are you planning to share a room? I would be happy to help. We rent a car, it is very easy to get around. But if your not comfortable driving you can definately arrange for transportation. $6000 is a rip. If you tell me where you were planning to go and what you would like to do I will post back. I like nice hotels so don't worry, I wont send you to any roach motels.

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    Costa Rican expeditions is a good travel company but it caters to a more "upscale" clientele than some companies. You can do things cheaper but they are a good value for what you get. They are an old well-established company that specializes in eco-tourism and they are well-respected.

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    Hi there,

    I guess you will receive top notch accommodation, food, etc.

    By the way, I can live well with $ 3,000.00 in CR for 2 months.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Sounds about right. I bet you can find better deals and such like through expedia or something along those lines.

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