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Twin sets. What do you think?

Hannah & Leah

Hannah & Nicholas

Nicholas and Anthony

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    I really like them!

    Hannah is one of my absolute favorite girls names! I love it!

    Im not a huge fan of Anthony, because it doesn't exactly have any nicknames

    and since its a long name, it really needs a nickname..

    I know an Anthony and everyone calls him by it, and it always seems odd that everyone goes by their shortened names like Alex, Chris, Nick, Tommy, Cole and then Anthony

    Like it just doesn't fit, you know what I mean?

    But thats just me, If its not a big deal to you then don't worry about it!


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    I love the name Hannah but I'm not very keen on Leah how about Rachael?

    I absolutely love the name nicolas so good choice :) and I think that Hannah and Nicolas go well together.

    And great choice with Anthony, one of my favorite boy names!

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    Hannah and Leah

    I don't like Anthony that my brother's name he's not very nice .

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    I like them all. How far along are you? We found out our twins were girls pretty early, but still didn't have the names finalized until just before they were is their 4th birthday!! Congrats and Good luck!

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  • Love all of them :)

    I prefer the spelling Lia, but it's up to you for sure!

    Also, I think it would be cute if it is two boys to do Nick and Tony for nicknames!!! Best of luck!

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    They are very cute names, i really like them and i love how they aren't matchy names, i don't like matchy names for twins.

    The names go very well together, :)

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    10 years ago

    way to used they will have 5 other ppl in there class with the same name

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