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Why are their so many spherical shapes in space and in nature?

Do you think that their are so many spherical shapes in space and in nature? For example, all of the planets. And for another example, the human body... it has a LOT of spheres if you know what I'm talking about... :) But seriously, has that ever occurred to you?

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    The reason planets appear spherical is because gravity compresses the planet into a shape that most evenly distributes the gravitational force among the planet’s mass.

    Whether it is shaping water droplets, stars, soap bubbles or planets, nature seeks to minimize the surface area needed to contain a given volume, and the shape that keeps volume at the absolute minimum a sphere.

    Any object in weightless space larger than a couple of hundred miles in diameter has enough mass for its gravity to overcome large-scale irregularities and force it into a spherical shape. This gravitational compression also generates significant amounts of heat at the center of the planet. This heat melts, or at least softens, any solid materials within the planet, facilitating the planet’s collapse into a spherical shape.

    Objects in space smaller than about 100 miles in diameter, such as most asteroids, comet nuclei and small moons, lack the mass to create a gravitational field strong enough to compress themselves into spheres. These little worlds often take on what I call the “sick potato” look.

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    The spherical shape of the plants is due to the gravitational pull at the center... once space debris reaches a certain mass there is enough heat (impact heat) and pressure (also creates heat as the molecules collide with each other) to make the mass molten and when in the molten state it forms the spherical shape you see because the gravitational attraction is the same from all directions.

    Really though, most planets / stars etc are not exactly spherical because the centrifugal force at the equator and collapse at the poles causes a bulge around the equator - this is more prominent in the gas giants which are obviously more susceptible (being made of gas!)

    Ps: did you know... the average density of Saturn is less than that of a glass of water on earth!

    interesting eh?

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    The reason for so many spherical shapes in nature is because a sphere is the most energy efficient shape nature has designed.

    I hope this helps. Good luck.

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    Gravity Shapes nature into Spherical shapes. Spheres are very stable and strong because it supports itself under pressure. Similar to triangles.

    P.S. Nice thinking :) the creeks were obsesst with the shapes of the universe, mostly circles and spheres!

    Source(s): I study cosmology
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    The sphere is the most economical way to contain a mass into a structure.It use less surface than a cube to contain the same mass.

    However we measure a spherical volume in terms of a cube.

    Source(s): Mass structures in the Universe me own little brains
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    A sphere is the lowest-energy form possible - one with all it's mass within a set radius of the center of mass. If you have mountains (like Earth does), there's a potential energy in all points above a certain altitude - eventually, all the matter on that mountain will 'fall' so the energy is expended.

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    Spherical (and circle) shapes are the most stable and use the least energy.

    All planets and most stars are spherical, all orbits are basically circular.

    Most all astronomical bodies spin , as they orbit

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    I think that's coz spherical shape is kinda stable coz it's centre of mass is easy to find

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    Its gravity that makes planets and stars a sphere.

    water droplets are sphere due to surface tension

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    our lord the god has pirefeclty formed our universe to make cirles

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