Would you call Park Chan Wook an Auteur?

For my A level film studies coursework i am required to do a project on a subject of my choosing. I have chosen to research how Park Chan-Wook is an Auteur, and because of this his films are very identifiable even over different genres. For my project i need primary research and any opinions you have will count towards that.

The films i have chosen to research are as follows:

OldBoy (Thriller)

Thirst (Horror)

I'm A Cyborg (Rom-Com)

Joint Security Area (War Drama)

However any ideas you have about other Park Chan Wook films will also help my research.

I have supplied a link to Youtube where i have previously asked this question, this link may help provide more information.


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You dont have to be an expert on the subject :P i am simply looking for peoples opinions and ideas on the subject.

Any comments will be greatly recieved :)

Thank you for reading x

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  • 9 years ago
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    There are many things that i think make him an Auteur, his use of colour is interesting as his films usually revolve around one or two colours, e.g. OldBoy with Green and Red. Also he follows in Tarantino's footsteps by combining violence with humour, even in the Rom-Com, I'm a Cyborg when Young-Goon goes on a massacre, killing the hospital staff it is coupled with humour.

    Another noticeable thing about his films is how he tries to make them link together, whether it be through plot line or with the actors he chooses. With his vengeance trilogy, in Sympathy for Mr Vengeance one of the characters says "there are good kidnappings, and bad kidnappings." this line is also repeated in the final installment Lady Vengeance.

    Furthermore one of the biggest things that sticks out to me is how his characters are very believable compared to Hollywood characters. Even in the film Thirst which is about vampires, obviously vampires do not exist but compared to a film such as Twilight the Vampires in Thirst portray a more believable life. The character of Oh Dae-Su in OldBoy is an average working class man, he is not portrayed as glamorous business man, something i think that a Hollywood adaption would try to do.

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