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how can i straighten teeth at home without braces?

ok, one of my top front teeth really sticks out and its really really annoying, is there anyway i can straighten it before the 24th september cos i have my cousins wedding then and imma bridesmaid and i dont wanna be standing at the front looking at over 100 people and i have to wait till march or april to get my braces and i just wanna get that front tooth just to go in a little and i dnt want invisalign cos it costs £2000, i'll try anything except dentil treatment!!!!!! so you guys no any method i could use??

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    OMG same problem..sorta.

    I need braces and seriously did not want them

    .last july i had a 9mm overbite, i just gently push them back using my finger in every spare time.

    now i have a 6mm overbite, braces on next week but prob for a shorter time. dont push too hard cos could break teeth and the root. just push it with a force that doesnt hurt every so often :) x

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    At Home Braces

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    If your teeth are really closely packed to one another, you should try to floss early in the morning and that temporarily loosens them. Try pushing your teeth back or however you want a couple of times a day. This should help move your tooth back until the wedding. I used to mess around with my teeth after I flossed it and now I don't need braces!

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  • Even with braces it would take longer than 3 months to make a major correction to a tooth like you are describing. Self treatment is the quickest way to have a chipped and broken tooth for your friends wedding.

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  • 9 years ago please follow my invisalign blog. I'm starting my treatment on Thursday (eek) and I chose invisalign because the time frame is ALOT less than braces, and costs less too (just for me, maybe doesnt apply to you?)

    Check out my blog I will be updating it regularly, see my happy moments and sad moments and judge if it's something you want to do.....

    I would say talk to an orthodontist about the pro's and cons and see if they recommend Invisalign for your treatment. There's really no way you can straighten your teeth without orthodontic help sorry.

    Good luck!


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    Orthodontic treatment is the best option I was worried getting braces but it doesn't really hurt and it's ok! There is not really anyway!

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    Never See Dentist Again -

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    Alignment Of Teeth Without Braces

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    Front Teeth Straightening

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    there is no way without risking breaking your teeth and teeth don't get straightened that fast

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