What type of cancer? -book!-?

I'm writing a book and I need to know what cancer this describes:





~Frequent infection

if you know a cancer with these symptoms/these symptoms AND others, please tell me~

also if a cancer has more than the ones specified, please specify ^^



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  • 9 years ago
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    To me, this sounds like leukemia. My friend had it and died in fifth grade, so I am quite aware of the symptoms.

    There are other symptoms too:

    ~frequent infections

    ~lumps in the neck, underarm, stomach, or groin (they are painless)

    ~feeling very tired

    ~weight loss (for no known reason)

    ~night sweats

    ~tiny red spots in the skin

    ~bone pain or tenderness


    Those are some of the symptoms. I put links below to the sights that tell of these symptoms, as well as others. You can also try to google leukemia, or maybe even go to St. Jude Children Research Hospitals website, I bet they have more information on cancer (including leukemia).

    If you need anything else, or want to ask me question for the story ( since I have experienced what it is like to be a friend of someone who had leukemia), feel free to email me.

  • S.K.
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    9 years ago

    Vomiting, fever, and fatigue will be a factor during virtually every chemotherapy treatment for cancer of any kind.

    Other than vomiting, these symptoms are often the presenting symptoms of leukemia--the person has an infection, usually respiratory, they just can't shake and they finally go to the doctor. They're running a fever, are really tired, may be coughing blood or having nosebleeds, and think it's all due to some bad cold or maybe pneumonia--until the bloodwork comes back and they tell you to go to the hospital, now.

    My husband had leukemia. (He'd gone back to work when that call came.) There are different types, some advancing rapidly, some slowly, some appearing in kids, others mainly in the elderly, or those exposed to certain chemicals. While my husband's leukemia was an aggressive one with a five percent five-year survival rate, he was among the lucky group.

    However, once leukemia is diagnosed, great pains are taken to minimize infection, so that part of the scenario you want to write might not work. Leukemia patients can't eat any food which hasn't been cooked, and we had to send back hospital food which had a sprig of parsley on the plate. My husband wore a surgical mask, and anybody who entered his room for any reason had to wear one, too. His clothes and sheets had to be washed in super-hot water to kill any bacteria, and anything I brought from home had to be cleaned with a disinfectant.

    The risk of bleeding was taken seriously, too. He wasn't allowed to shave with a razor, only an electric shaver, not allowed to floss, encouraged to be extra careful handing anything sharp, forbidden to eat crunchy foods which might cut his tongue or gums slightly, like that.

  • gehr
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    3 years ago

    At 26 , i substitute into clinically determined with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, point 4. With 6 months of aggressive chemotherapy, it began remissin after the 1st around, and that i substitute into very nearly death 3 weeks earlier. That substitute into 2001. In 2003, I had a chain of Twins, that have been now no longer predicted,,,yet each and every ingredient went super, and alter into complete term and huge toddlers. Adriamiacin has broken my heart, alongside with the twin being pregnant. yet different than that, been sparkling ever thinking the undeniable fact that.:)

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    9 years ago

    This could be lucemia. :) I hate cancer. Why did god create such a horrible thing? :(

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