Romantic K/J/C-dramas?

I'm looking for dramas where the main character,the guy is a jerk and doesn't pay attention to the girl but he slowly starts to care about her...Like Playful kiss and its taiwanese and japanese remakes or the new K-drama my bittersweet life.I like my romance rough..LOL

So any suggestions?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I have seen SO many dramas, and these are the best dramas with these plot:

    (** = My favourites)


    -Boys over flowers(the BEST) **

    -personal taste(liked, similar to the first) **

    -full house(okay)

    -spring waltz(good although i didn't like the main guy's acting)

    -Goong(REALLY good!) **

    -time between dog and wolf(LOVED IT, GREAT acting, very touching) **

    -Mary stayed out all night(cute romance, not so good storyline)

    -bad love(girl goes through a lot of hardship, sad romance)

    -coffee prince(Okay)

    -you're beautiful(very popular) **

    -Delightful Girl, Choon Hyan(VERY CUTE) **

    -will it snow for Christmas(sad romance) **

    -lovers(girl falls for a gang member, sad)

    -words within(good drama, deals with everyday life)

    -Que sera, sera(naive girl falls for arrogant boy)

    -I'm sorry, i love you(old but good, about revenge and heartbreak)

    -secret garden(everyone says it's good but i didn't like the characters)

    -bad guy(about unlucky guy, sad)

    -Prosecutor Princess(LOVED, good storyline, very catchy) **

    -49 Days(simply AMAZING!) **

    -Dream High (didn't like the main characters)

    -can you hear my heart (heartwarming!)

    -Midas(it's about business and revenge and has also some romance)

    -city hunter(new drama about hero and playboy lee min ho, must be good)

    -romance town(new drama, funny romance)


    -they kiss again(LOVED, Unforgettable story) **

    -Autumn's Concerto (REALLY good and touching) **

    -fated to love you (good, -has everything- comedy/romance/tragedy...) **

    -easy fortune happy life (cute)

    -Silence(good but sad)

    -mars(very touching)

    -Love or bread(very sweet and touching drama, if you liked the actors in "it started with a kiss" then u must watch this)


    -koizora(very sad and very touching plot) **

    -last friends(LOVED, sad and cruel , mainly focuses on abuse and friends helping each other overcoming their issues) **

    -Pride(old but very good and romantic drama)

    -Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta(BEAUTIFUL!) **

    -code blue seasons 1&2 (very good medical drama)

    -one million stars falling from the sky(good story about love, betrayal, and heartbreaks )

    -buzzer beat( wonderful storyline with romance and sports)

    -Love shuffle(brilliant, deals with feelings, failures, expectations and needs )

    -Nodame Cantabile (super cute and funny)

    -Orthros no Inu (a drama with great emotions, deepness, great actors and a very interesting story)

    -Tatta Hitotsu no Koi(touuching love story between rich spoiled girl and poor boy)

    -Maou(SAD, the story has a deep meaning about revenge, hatred, love, and faith)

    -Liar game season 1&2 (AWESOME, the story was surprising and exciting, amazing plot)**

    -Smile(about three people who meet, start helping each other, fall in love, try to overcome the hardships)

    -Orange Days(youth drama about love, friendship, and life after college)

    -1 Liter of Tears(one of the saddest dramas ever, It's a true story and it really makes you cry from episode one 'til the end)**

    -Nagareboshi(full of emotions and Touching story of a brother who marry a prostitute in order to save his sister's life)

    -Koishite Akuma(cute vampire story)

    -Kamisama Mou Sukoshi Dake(old, but very sad and touching story about hard situations in teenager girl's life)

    -Taiyou no Uta (wonderful drama, so tender, romantic and full of emotions)

    -Majo no Jouken(beautiful drama, full of emotions, about the love between a high school boy and his math teacher)

    - Hotaru no Hikari(wonderful storyline, about a lazy girl who prefer to lay around than to fool around ,with great actors)

    Source(s): me:)
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