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what can me and my friend do in the summer time?

i live in attleboro and its summer break for us , were 13 and were so bored and we need something near by cause we don't have a ride so please help us and don't you freaking dare tell us to read because its not the happs.

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    Cool, but, where is Attleboro? Well this is what me and my friends do

    1. Go to the pool

    2. Take a bike ride around the city and make fun of preppy people.

    3. We look for really cool rocks, and then throw them at each other.

    4. We collect the rocks for another day.

    5. I occasionally read, but I don't reccomend. xD

    6. We go to the park, and see who can swing the highest.

    7. Prank Call people.

    Well, that's all I have for now.. And are you a boy?

    Source(s): I'm 13 and its our school break too. (:
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  • Steve
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    9 years ago

    Read encyclopedia brittanica, national geographic and listen to opera. Only idiots get bored!

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