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AP calculus question!!!!!!!!!?

Is there such thing as normal calculus, or is the subject just so advanced it just assumes the AP title? Also if you have taken calculus what were your class's tests like? Were they straightworward or are most word problems? Thanks!!!

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    AP Calculus just means you can get college credit for it. The only difference between that and what would be a normal high school Calc class is that your AP class is designed to prepare you to take the AP test, which usually is taken before the year ends. Meaning that you have a few weeks less time to get through the same, maybe more, material.

    There are a few different branches in it. The two major ones are Intergral Calc and Differential Calc. When I was in college I think there was something like Calculus 1-4, then you took Linear Algebra, then Vector Calculus, then in the more advanced classes you would take more specific courses. Chances are in high school you'll get a little bit in to both of them, and do some trig. I think AP Calc will usually let you skip the first of them, I'm not really sure, but I don't remember anyone in the third term having skipped out of it because of the AP test (a couple people apparently just did extremely well in placement exams, though).

    Most of my tests were just equations or straightforward problems, I don't remember many word problems that were very confusing to understands. Sometimes we'd have questions like "An airplane is climbing at 40 degrees, write an equation of it's height as a function" or something, but most of the time they were straightforward and didn't have a bunch of random things that were totally irrelevant like in Algebra, like "How long does it take for a car to drive ten miles if it's going at a constant speed of 27 MPH? James is six feet all, and Jen is sixteen inches shorter than James."

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    Yes there is such a thing as normal calculus but it is called AP Calculus AB and not taking the test. The questions are straight forward and with a few word problems.

    Source(s): I looked up AP Calculus and my teacher showed me problems from an AP Calculus BC book(class I will be taking in fall).
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    Former AP Calc student here.

    Our school only offered AP Calc, but I know some schools offer non AP. All AP means is that it is College-level material and is designed to prepare you for the AP test which can get you credit at many colleges if you score high enough. In most Schools, AP classes carry a higher weight for your GPA as well, which means that instead of an A being worth 4 points, in an AP class it might be worth 5. AP doesn't always mean that it's a harder version of another course offered, but of course they are almost always pretty challenging.

    In my AP calc AB class, we had an even mixture of simple equations to derive/integrate/etc. and applied problems where we had to set up the correct equations from information given. Yours will probably be similar, since it is meant to help prepare you for a standardized test. I did quite well in Calc, it was actually one of my best Math classes in High School, though many did struggle quite a bit with it. Also I got a 5 on the AP test, but you only need a 3 to pass (the scores are based on national averages, not absolute scores).

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    do not bypass trig. it really is everywhere in calculus. next year in spite of the indisputable fact that, you ought to take AP Calc. you're required to take it for most careers besides, and in case you'll get the credit in HS, the further suitable; once you're moving into a occupation like engineering or programming, it truly is necessary to bypass larger than Calc a million/2, so it is going to likely be a leap start up.

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    I found calculus to be much easier than precalc. I would recommend taking the ap calc instead of regular calc because ap calc will give you a head start in college.

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