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I need help with enunciation and stuttering/Speech Therapy?

People always say that they have difficulty with understanding with what I say, and it really frustrates me. I can't ever speak my DDA for speech team properly because I can't enunciate properly, but my coaches say my acting is perfectly fine. I always stutter and I always have since 8th grade. I had mouth surgery, but my parents said no to speech therapy because they claimed they didn't know any speech therapists even though we have TONS of them in our area. They're still refusing to pay for speech therapy (even though we can afford it) and I can't pay for it because of no job. The way I speak really frustrates me, and I feel like people respect me less for my voice. :\ I really wanna find some other way to help my enunciation and stuttering problems......

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    Try these resources: there are videos online that show speech therapists working with stutterers; watch them and learn some techniques.


    Meet others who stutter here

    Stuttering Foundation on Facebook

    "Self Therapy for the Stutterer" published by The Stuttering Foundation of America worked wonders for my family members who stuttered after working through it step by step. The book can be found here It is great for those who do not have access to speech therapy.

    Advice to Those Who Stutter

    The Foundation also has a list of speech therapists worldwide who have been trained to work with stutterers.

    Source(s): come from a family of stutterers who found help through The Stuttering Foundation of America (
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