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LG rumor touch-In phone memory is full HELP!!?

My LG rumor touch in phone memory is 86% full and i have tried everything i have seen from help forums and nothing seems to work!

I have erased all texts, cleared both internet browsers of all stored pages/history, all photos, all assigned media, all games i dont use and all jad/jar files and still got 86% full.

I have had phone for 5 months. it has 8 GB memory card in it and have made the Mass Storage folder since day one with movies and wallpapers stored on the memory card NOT the phone. I even pulled out card and checked memory info from in phone menu and still it says 86%full. i don't even have that many games on here where could all this hidden memory being used be?


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    Maybe its time to do a full factory reset. You can use BlueFTP to go in and see if you accidentally downloaded something large in Opera Mini to a non SD card folder. You can get that over at LG Rumor Touch Hack Central. If that does not yield results, then I would just reset it. If that does not work, get warranty service on it assuming you have not broken any of it yourself.

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