corey wold asked in PetsCats · 9 years ago

can my bunny eat any kind of table food?

i was just wondering soo maybe once and a while i can offer him a treat!

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    Veggies and fruits. Rabbits need at least 2 cups of veggies per 6 pounds of body weight every day. Fruits can be fed a few times a week.

  • 9 years ago

    He would probably love some treats!

    As far as human food,your bunny can eat fresh fruit & veggies.Though there are many choices you can give them,some bunnies are really fussy.My bunnies love parsley,spinach,apples,baby carrots,kale,bananas,strawberries and romain lettuce.Just remember that fruit is really high in sugar so make sure to only give these in very small quantities,the LAST thing you want is a diabetic bunny (believe me,I now have a diabetic dog due to years of letting her snack on baby carrots and apples).

    Source(s): experienced bunny owner and lover :)
  • Mindy
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    4 years ago

    High sugary foods like cinnamon toast crunch aren't even good for people, why would a rabbit be able to eat such high-sugar food? Even if it was plain sugar-free cereal, it would have to be an extremely rare treat, maybe once a month. Even that might be pushing it. Rabbits eat vegetables, hay, and a very small portion of pellets as their main diet. No seeds, no other carbohydrates. A high sugar diet, especially if it's a daily thing, will only end up killing your rabbit well before its time. Your rabbit is like any animal alive, opportunistic, and of course he's going to favour sugary fatty foods over good things for him. Humans are the same. As his owner, it is your responsibility to remove him from the area so he cannot eat anything harmful for him. Just because we humans can eat it, doesn't mean just any other animal can eat it. Look at dogs and things like onions and chocolate. Rabbits do not sit there and decide whether or not it's a good idea to eat something, they just eat whatever smells and looks good to them. Edit: For all the people who rant vegetables are so bad, they're not. Every rabbit website I've read says to feed vegetables daily, my vet has told me to feed vegetables daily, every decent book I've read says to feed them daily. Some rabbits cannot handle the same vegetables, and some, especially ones from pet stores, are taken from their mothers too young and develop digestive complications that do not allow them to eat many vegetables. My rabbits eat anywhere from 1-2 cups of vegetables every single day, I know people who've housed dozen of rabbits that have lived until they were 10-14 who've fed vegetables every single day and they've all been healthy and fine. Why would pellets, a man-made food, be any better as a daily diet than a natural food they would eat in the wild?

  • Ocimom
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    9 years ago

    Lettuce, carrots, apples (no seeds tho)

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  • 9 years ago

    you can feed him romaine lettuce, carrots,apples.

    Don't feed him iceberg lettuce as it upsets his tummy

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