Will "The Ghost and the Goth'' become a t.v. show?

I was wondering if it would become a tv show or a movie? It seems to be an excelent show or movie since we have teens are intrested in drama shows and movies and it wouldn't always be about vampires but more like ghost!

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    9 years ago
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    I really hope so, and it seems that so do a lot of people. It has all the elements of a popular show- good in-depth storyline; well-developed, characters with actual depth and backgrounds; TONS of emotional involvement (humor, courage, sadness, angst, struggles, lightheartedness, romance); it's a supernatural romance/adventure (need I say more?); AND it has enough action and suspense to keep from being boring, enough development of the plot and characters to keep from being shallow, and enough angst/sadness/struggle to keep from being all "rainbows and ssunshine for EVERYONE!"

    If they don't make this into a TV show/ movie, then the big wigs in Hollywood have some serious issues (like, Mrs. Ruiz- size issues). The fan base- which is rapidly growing- is in complete agreement about this, it seems. And if enough fans ask for it, Hollywood'll bring it. ;)

    Source(s): HUGE fan and book nerd extrordinaire ;)
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