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My dog is only 6 years old but he has turned into a grumpy old man. He is a Pekepoo (poodle/pekingnese) and he?

has developed a really Nasty disposition. I'm on the verge of giving him away! He growls at everyone and even tries to bite us. He's taken to urinating in my kitchen as well. A disgusting habit I simply can't tolerate. My grandson (2 years old) moved in with us three months ago and he chases him and tried to bite him all the time. I'm at my wits end! He's never been fixed and someone suggested that if he has that surgery he will calm down. I would hate spend all that money to have the surgery and nothing changes. Please advise

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    Your dog is six years old and his environment is changing bringing a new little person in the rivals attention he feels like he is being usurped. Which could be adding to his anxiety which runs in both poodle and pekingese.

    I highly recommend neutering your dog. The marking may stop if you neuter him as well as some aggression. To neuter a dog it can be very affordable the humane society has a clinic that only does spays and neuters as well as several organizations across the country that do low cost clinics like that your dog being little could cost as much as $100. Look into those options because it will help with the need to mark and aggression let alone the health benefits.

    Get a water bottle and turn the spray on stream, when he tries to chase the baby or bite give a command- in the form of a loud noise like -BAHH (because no obviously isn't working) if he doesn't change the behavior give the command again BAHH with a spray to the face- keep a collar and leash on him so that you can give it a tug to indicate that is not acceptable. Don't allow the behavior to start- catch it when you see his actions indicate he is going to bite or run- please look at the links i provided. All else fails take your dog to a training class or call Bark Busters.

    Don't give up on your dog it's not fair to him to not try to help him be a balanced dog.

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    There is a good chance neutering would be a waste of money. Even if you do it early, it really plays only a small part in shaping a dog's temperament. It is a commonly suggested quick fix that people throw out there when they see behavioral problems, because it is better to lay your hopes on something like that than on changing the way you live with your dog.

    I would say there is a direct correlation between the way people live with these smaller, cuddlier toy-type breeds and the dog's behavioral problems. Unfortunately alot of them develop serious behavioral problems because the owners feel like any sense of firm, strict discipline will break the dog in half. Factors that worsen the issues include the dog spending too much time in the owners' arms or lap, and attempts to calm them and take them out of attack mode using soft speach and physical affection. In other words, many of these dogs spend much of their lives at or near eye level with other humans, while their owners unknowingly nurture a dominant state of mind by giving them positive physical touch while they are in the middle of misbehaving. It increases the chances that they will become dominant, obnoxious, and in some cases aggressive. I would wager good money that at some point this dog has done something obnoxious and inappropriate, and the first thing you did in response was grab him in your arms and pick him up off the floor.

    If this were a Pittbull or Rottweiler, I would, in a way that does not cause permanent injury, make the little bugger feel like its life was about to end every time it exhibited this type of behavior. It would be no different with this being a 'Pekepoo.' He would loose all of his un-supervised freedom in my home, spending most of his time in a crate or else by my side on a leash with a corrective collar. I would rattle his brain with a high level leash correction every time he gowled, bit me or anyone else, or even looked at one of the children wrong. While doing it I would tell him NO in a calm, but assertive tone of voice. Often times a dog with a dominant mindset won't respond well to positive reinforcement. Before you can use that concept, the dog first has to learn that the bad behavior it exhibits won't be tolerated for one more second, and will always bring swift, powerful, memorable corrections. Before you can even start to work with a dog like this, you first have to lay a basic groundwork where it's first desire in life is to please you, and its number one priority in life is to avoid pissing you off.

    He would never get a single treat again without sitting calmly to wait for it. He would get enough exercise on a daily basis to make him want to sleep for a long time afterward. It shouldn't be wild romp time in the yard, it should be calm, steady, continuous exercise under your supervision. If you aren't physically capable of doing this anymore, you need to put the dog on a treadmill and train him to use it.

    Obedience training would begin again from the ground-up, as this will help remind the dog of its place in the home. And I would start reinforcing some basic pack structure rules. The dog would no longer get to enjoy any prime resting spots that are normally reserved for humans. He wouldn't get any couch time or bed time. He would probably be in a crate while I ate dinner, and be fed after me.

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    Was this happening before the grandson moved in? His whole world got turned upside down when the kid moved in, he needs help to get him use to the new way of living. Being angry is not helping.

    If he is inappropriately urinating he needs to see his vet to see if he has a UTI (urinary tract infection). This may be one of the reasons (there may be other medical issues) why he is so grumpy. Neutering may make a big difference please give the dog a break. And please do not leave the two alone ever, they need constant supervision when together.

    Make a vet appointment on Monday to see if he has a UTI. Thanks and the dog will thank you too.

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    Did the behavior change start when the grandson moved in, or before then? And I doubt that neutering would have a major change on his personality. Either take the dog to a professional trainer to learn how to deal with these problems, or find a Peke rescue which (hopefully) can retrain and re-home him.

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    You cannot guarantee that castration with change him, especially at 6 yrs old.

    However, I certainly wouldn't expect someone of your obvious age (if you have a grandchild) to take the attitude that you are "on the verge of giving him away"... and therefore leave all his problems for someone else to sort out.

    Sounds to me like all this is a reaction to the grandson moving in and in which case the little dog was probably spoilt a bit before that.

    Try the NILIF programme and see if that helps (google it)

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    In most cities there are spay and neuter clinics that are very reasonable. He should also be checked out by a vet to make sure there isn't something physically wrong with him that is causing his bad behavior. House trained dogs usually don't regress unless there is something wrong. Having him neutered may help with his attitude as well as his inappropriate urination.

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    Any change in behavior usually means something is wrong and the dog needs to see a vet. The vet should ALWAYS be your first stop when looking into a problem like yours. You may also need to consult a behaviorist. Your vet can give you a referral. ASK!

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    This sounds like an anxiety issue due to the change when your grandson moved in.

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    6 years old is old for a dog. if he has never been fixed this is why he is going potty in kitchen, he is marking territory because of grand child. also he is most likely jealous of child and this is why he wants to bite and chase him and he is mad at you for this and this is most likely why he bites you. it is to late in his life to have him fixed to resolve this issue it might calm him but will not stop issue completely. sorry and hope you find him a good home.

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