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Are we really decendants from Apes and monkeys?

if we really evolve from Apes and monkeys, then why do apes and monkeys still exist? the other thing is, we are taught in islam that there is this kinda knowledge that won't affect the way or the fact that we exists, like that of the very begining of the universe, if Allah really wanted us to know, we would've been there and known exactly about every detail that happened, like how the clusters and the clouds of stars and galaxies, how they formed, another example is for that farmer that uses electricity, if u ask him, he doesnt know what is really going on, he doesnt know about the electric current going through a wire can create a magnetic field, he doesnt even know who discovered that Current usually flows through wires? but does that affects the way of how it is working? does that mean that he cant be benifited from it? it does exists, and no one can deny its existance cuz we see its signs when u turn on/ off the push button light switch, so is the likeness of your existance, you do exists, and you're enjoying the bounties and the gifts of God, every breathe you take, the body functioning, the facilities you have been given, like the ability to taste, see, hear, sense, walk, talk, etc. the intellects you have been given, which you're so-called ancestors of apes and monkeys lacks, you're given a mind to see the signs of the creator, and that mind, that intellect you're given is what seperates you from animal kingdom, and thus, you have this responsablility towards the creator and His creation, you have this responsablitiy to understand the message of truth, and the very reason of why we're here, and unlike animals you are not forced to worship God as they have chosen before their very creation, when Allah asked the heavens and earths and the creatures, to choose weather to be forced to worship Him or to be given a free-will temporary for their lifetime, and they said "we choose to be forced to worship You, O Allah, as we cannot be able to disobey you, we can't bear its conscequences", but mankind have choosen to have this free-will given By their Lord, to choose, and they said "we'll take it", so.. you may deny it if you want to, but this won't help stopping or avoiding the truth when it comes, think about it, Peace :]


@brittanyloheier: i ask you what kind of Apes and monkeys that had minds and intellects at that time that we had decended from? and why do they not have minds and intellects? or why do they lack emotions love or hate, or be happy or sad or angry or depressed , or have the ability to express themselves or their opinions and their views like you do , or the ability to talk or think or rationalise like that of a sound mind?

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    Hey Woozie,

    From the way your question reads, it sounds to me very much like you may have had few or no educational opportunities (yet?) when it comes to science literacy. I hope the fact that you’ve taken the time to post this question here indicates a genuine interest in you to learn about our human origins, and I’d like to help you as best I can get your self-education off to a great start.

    Because our species, Homo sapiens, is related to all living things on Earth through the tree of life, our scientific classification runs like this – we are:

    Kingdom: Animalia – an animal,

    Phylum: Chordata – with a backbone;

    Class: Mammalia – a mammal,

    Order: Primates – a primate,

    Family: Hominidae – a great ape,

    Tribe: Hominini – cousin to chimps & bonobos,

    Genus: Homo – descended from Homo habilis;

    Species: Homo sapiens – “knowing man”.

    If you’d like ‘More Info’ clickable links to the above, see my answer here:


    To get you started on some self-paced education on human origins, here are some suggested starting points that I recommend:

    • Human Evolution Made Easy

    » video, 10:00 –

    Youtube thumbnail

    • Human Ancestry Made Easy

    » video, 9:19 –

    Youtube thumbnail

    • The Smithsonian Institution's Human Origins Program – Introduction to Human Evolution

    » text-&-pix, + video, 4:22 –

    Natural History Museum, London, UK – Human Evolution Website

    » interactive multimedia –

    • Simple English Wikipedia

    » text-&-pix, ‘Human evolution’ –

    • Full English Wikipedia

    » text-&-pix, ‘Timeline of human evolution’ –

    » text-&-pix, ‘Human evolution’ –

    You might also like to know that:

    “Evolutionary biology is included in the high-school curricula of most Muslim countries. Science foundations of 14 Muslim countries, including Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, and Egypt, recently [2008] signed a statement by the Interacademy Panel (IAP, a global network of science academies), in support of the teaching of evolution, including human evolution.”

    More at:

    • Islamic views on evolution – Modern thought

    » text –

    I send you my best wishes for a flying start to your self-education about our human origins.

    Peace-&-Love, Dalinian

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    1. Humans are considered Apes.

    2. Apes and Monkeys are 2 different type of animals.

    3. Both apes and monkeys are in the primate order (this includes humans because we are apes).

    4. Evolution is not about getting rid of one species, but our ancient human ancestors are extinct now and we're still here. Any that we co-existed with we probably out-competed. Evolution is about adaptions to changes in the environment, it has no goals or directions.

    5. There have been so many studies and research done to show that other mammals, especially other primates (like monkeys and apes) do express some emotions just like we do. Have you never seen a chimpanzee laugh? heard a dog whimper/cry? Elephants mourn their dead too, just like we do.

    Humans are also animals, we are not plants. We're not above the other animals, don't take them for granted.

    Source(s): I'm an Anthropology major.
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    There are different species of apes just as there are different species of any other animal. Wolves, dogs, coyotes, and foxes all come from the same family, but they are different in many ways. The species of ape that humans evolved from is NOT the same species we have living in our jungles today. Look at all the different breeds and species of monkeys. Are chimpanzees and spider monkeys the same thing as gorillas and orangutans? No. They share some similar traits, of course. But that doesn't mean that they're all the same monkey. Humans evolved from a species of primate more intelligent than the rest.

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    Firstly no we did not evolve from apes or monkeys. We had an ancestor many millions of years ago which is long since extinct that led to monkeys, apes and hominids/humans.

    What makes us fundamentally different from apes (since we are most closely related to them) is our brain. There are a number of human;like species that we have discovered, mainly in Africa (eg H0mo habilis and several other H0mo species, Austrolpithicus species, Paranthopus species as well as others)but also in Asia (eg H0mo erectus) and Europe (H0mo neaderthalensis).

    When we look at fossils, the oldest fossils are quite ape like (but remember apes have also evolved since this time as well) and had a smaller brain than later species. We know than bipedalism came first (thats walking on 2 legs) and we can see this in the bones of the hips, knees, feet, the hole that enters the brain from the spine etc. Over millions of years we see the brain cavity increasing in size as well. The introduction of meat into the diet (use of fire) led to us eating more meat, late night discussions around the fire and we can see the increase in the brain size. The most important bits of the brain for us are the parts associated with speach and language (eg Wernnike's and Broca's area) which we can see in the skull as bulge reminants. The other MAJOR difference is the forehead area of the brain. In apes and early homonids you see and backward sloping skull and we have a flat or bulging skull. This part of the brain is associated with imagination (not thinking in black and white), spirituality (eg life after death which we see in humans as well as a couple of other human'like species like H.neaderthalensis which bury their dead, empathy (looking after the sick/injured, which is seen in bones where breaks have been healed or bone injury caused by sickness is apparent for periods of time). This part of the brain makes us think like we do.

    The overall result is we think like no other species.

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    > then why do apes and monkeys still exist?

    Apes evolved from a particular population of monkeys. Humans evolved from a particular population of apes. Those populations no longer exist in their original forms.

    > if Allah really wanted us to know ...

    He would have left incontrovertible proof. ... Oh, wait ...

    > what kind of Apes and monkeys that had minds and intellects at that time that we had decended from?

    First off, if you think minds and intellects are so all-fired important, why don’t you even try to show some intelligence in your question? I can understand some of the poor English if that’s not your first language, but you can’t even figure out how to capitalize or punctuate correctly. I can barely make out what you’re trying to say, and frankly it isn’t worth that much work. If the human brain is really that important to you, then use yours!

    Secondly, your question seems to assume there was a particular, relatively small period of time during which humans descended from monkeys and apes. Humans didn’t descend directly from monkeys. Our most recent monkey ancestor lived about 15 million years ago. Humans (everything in genus Homo) have only lived for about 2.5 million years. It’s like being in a car with someone who thinks that since we’re currently in Los Angeles, and we drove through Chicago, then Chicago must be right outside Los Angeles.

    And although there was a relatively small period of time during which the first members of genus Homo evolved from other apes, the apes they evolved from (Australopithecines) were almost as smart as their Homo habilis descendants. There have been many human species, and they would have to undergo a lot more evolution in the 2.5 million years since the first Homo habilis before they got as intelligent as modern humans. At no point that we know of was there ever a short transition from individuals with no minds to individuals with minds like modern humans.

    Even today, the other great apes such as chimps and gorillas (with which we share a common ancestor) do not (as you imply) lack emotions or the ability to express themselves. They are perfectly capable of feeling “happy or sad or angry or depressed” and of letting others know. Admittedly, they can’t communicate or think as well as most of us can. But then you’re not doing so well with that yourself.

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    there is no way humans are apes or any animal, we are machines, just like a electric computer, but we're a organic electric computer, so just like the old organic pc tower's we occasionally fart.

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    The theory that we evolved from anything is something that I find rather silly if not ridiculous. If there were any truth to it at all, why do we not see monkeys popping into humans on a daily basis? If it takes thousands of years, well, thousands have passed and there are still monkeys and apes that haven't in any way shape or form evolved into humans. Did the process magically stop when humankind was achieved? A process that is true would continue. I think it is absurd and laughable.

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    Did you come here to display your utter lack of understanding of academic theory, or to proselytize?

    Understanding our primate relatives is the key to discovering our own natures.

  • Haha no.

  • 10 years ago

    no. we are human, and apes are apes.

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