I'm at the end of my rope and I need help. Can anyone help me?

I am suffering from 3 different disorders that seem to come together in a way that takes me from the work force. I suffer from social anxiety and was always able to get by on labor type jobs or data entry things, but now I have fibromyalgia which makes me tire really easy and I have random, awful muscle spasms so that takes away the labor field for me. And I have keratoconus which effects my vision and takes me out of data entry work for now. I'm at a point where I can't even drive myself everywhere I need to go because of the strain on my eyes and the mind blinding headaches that accompany the eye strain. Even pc use, tv watching, and reading can cause nearly immediate strain for my eyes.

My anxiety disorder just seems to be getting worse and I can't seem to get any help from anywhere. I get food stamps and medical, but that's all I can get. My partner is disabled and everything gets paid from her disability check which leaves nothing behind after rent, phone, and car insurance.

I've done what was logical to me and applied for disability based on my 3 issues, but they keep denying me because none of my doctors seem to take all 3 of my problems into consideration. My therapist says I have pretty bad anxiety disorder, but I'm fine to work outside social jobs, My eye doctor says I have advanced keratoconus, but I'm fine to work outside visual intensive jobs, and my doctor says I have fibromyalgia and what not, but should be fine to work at least a part time job outside of labor intensive work. The problem with their opinions is that each of my disorders conflict with one another now. To make matters worse, I live rurally in a small town so the job pool is rather limited and being out of work with no kind of cash assistance makes it difficult for me to make and keep appointments with my doctors as some of them are in other towns.

I have exhausted myself trying to find help. Disability lawyers and groups say my case is too complicated for them to take on. My case worker at welfare says they have transportation assistance for medical purposes but I can't own a car to get it. And to get cash assistance I basically have to do all kinds of work that I've already not been able to do.

I've spent my whole life doing everything by the book and always stepping up tp meet my life's challenges in the most responsible ways I could. I always thought that by being the good citizen with a good work ethic, if I ever fell on bad times, I could get the help I needed. Asking for help is very hard for me. I've spent my entire life striving to be self-sufficient and now I feel weak and vulnerable and am forced to admit my faults and ask for assistance. If it were just me I'd be fine, but I have a disabled partner and a 5yo child. They need me and I've done everything I can think of to try and meet that need.

I'm losing my mind constantly trying to scramble for some kind of help. I'm an optimistic who thinks realistically. And I don't wanna let go of the idea that there has to be some help out there for us. Can anyone help? Advice? resources? I'm seriously losing it out here. I live in northwestern Minnesota if that will help any. Also I'm working with my doctors as much as I can I have not refused any treatments even though I seem to meet with more side effects and issues than successes. My anxiety makes it so I can't really fight the dr's opinions and argue my case to them. All of this has been causing depression issues, panic attacks, poor sleeping and eating and I've even lost alot of my hair too. I'm one stuck duck.

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  • 9 years ago

    For the fibromyalgia i would stretch in the morning and go on a little jog or a walk. It will help ur blood move arround and hopefully relieve some of ur stress. For the muscle spasms (which i get sometimes) i apply icy hot at night where i usually get them, legs arms and on the left and right side of my neck. The icyhot helps blood travel and it feels good on my skin all minty and helps me sleep. For the keratoconus there is not kuch that i can say but eat carrots and smoke some mary jane(green plant) would help that... ( I live in California ) but the mary jane would probably interfere with ur anxiety and you would most likely have a panic attack. Thats why u turn on ur favorite tv show and stay away from people for a few hours. Or be with the ones u trust.... Anyway... If not mary jane. Drink some mint tea :) And for ur sleep disorder drink some mint tea before sleep and apply some vics chest rub at night... I know ur in a difficult situation but these are the only few tricks that can relive some of ur stress and pain... Its a tough would out there and im kinda in a financial crisis myself. Just gotta keep optimistic and excercise to keep ur mind straight. Good luck out there :)

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  • 9 years ago

    Have you tried one of those lawyers on tv who specialize only in disability cases? They only get money if they win the case for you. I applied for disability years ago and was refused. Once I got one of those tv lawyers who specialize in disability I got it. It took a year but I have it now It seems strange that your lawyer told you your case is too complicated. If you have doctors proof that you have these myriad of problems that should be proof enough. Keep calling these lawyers. Someone may review your case and take it on. Some will even come to your house if you are unable to leave it because of medical reasons. I used Klein Wagner and Morris Law firm. They are in New York but they may have offices in other states. I think they also review cases over the phone.. Either way give them a call and see if they can help you or refer you to someone who will. 212 227 7200

    I wish you luck. I wish there was more I could say to help

    Don't give up

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    3 years ago

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  • 9 years ago

    Maybe speaking with a counselor would help.

    BTW, my sister tried for 4 years to get disability. Finally they approved her. And the payments were retroactive from when she first filed.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    read this artcile might help hun


    and good luck there is always light at the end of the dark tunnel


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