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If life is a test from God, why does it follow no coherent plan? Why do some people just die off?

By die off, I mean getting killed in a random tragedy at a young age. Doesn't that make God seem like a terrorist? "You never know when I'm gonna decide it's time for you to die, so you'd better start worshiping me before then, or else you get eternal punishment."

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    Nobody knows why some people die young but sometimes, or so it says in the book of Isaiah, that they are taken from the wrath to come upon the earth.

    People who submit to Christianity and all that brings by way of love, support, fellowship is satisfying for the Christian and did you know "to be with Christ is far better" says Paul the Apostle.

    Death is no big deal for the Christian but it hard even for them if they lose a a loved one who hadn't found the way to be saved in their lifetime for they know the penalty of denying Christ..

    Our God is not a terrorist, He is the Prince of peace, try reading John's Gospel Chapter 1.

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    Life isn't a test. Life is a beautiful thing. Don't let anyone tell you that all of life is just a test. Life serves much more of a purpose than seeing if you were good or bad, it is a time and the ONLY time that you can do something. People die off early as a result of an unfortunate natural phenomenon called sickness.

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    Life is not a TEST. Life is a special gift which we should treasure. I think you may be implying that God controls fate and our every move, however when we are born to when we die, God gives us free will. He doesn't control us, he lets us live our lives any way we want. After we die we reflect on our lives and live with God :)

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    God will test you.

    "This worldly life is no more than vanity and play, while the abode of the Hereafter is the real life, if they only knew!" [Quran, 29:64]

    "Who is more evil than one who fabricates lies and attributes than to GOD, or reject the truth when it comes to him? Is Hell not a Just retribution for the disbelievess?" [Quran, 29:68]

    "This because they love the life of this world better than the Hereafter: and Allah will not guide those who reject faith." [Quran, 16:107]

    "Let them bear, on the Day of Judgement, their own burdens in full, and also something of the burdens of those without knowledge, whom they misled. Also, how grievous the burdens they will bear!" [Quran, 16:25]

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    Life is not a test. It's a relationship between God and man. Unfortunately that relationship is soured by our continued disobedience. We don't follow God's will. Unfortunately death is one of the consequences of our disobedience. God gave Adam and Eve one rule: don't eat that fruit or you will die. They disobeyed. They suffered an immediate spiritual death (separation from God) and an eventual physical death. We're no different.

    God is sovereign, so He can do anything He wants. But He’s also just and fair, so He won’t do anything without cause. He's also loving, so He won't interfere with the free will He gave us.

    No one who is sinful can get to heaven because God's glory would destroy them. Sin just can't get close to Him. And as sinners we can't even pay for our own sins. Payment requires the shedding of innocent blood. That's why God became man in the form of Jesus of Nazareth. He paid the price in full for all our sins.

    By doing this, God's requirement for justice and His need to show love we both satisfied. Perfect justice. Perfect love.

    Now it's up to each of us to use that free will God gave us to either choose to accept of deny the pardon Jesus provided by His death and resurrection. If we choose the pardon Jesus takes full responsibility for our eternal future. If we deny the pardon Jesus allows us to take full responsibility for our own eternal future.

    You should also know that spending eternity in Hell is not the penalty for our sins, it’s the consequence of being unable to pay the penalty. The penalty for our sins is, again, the life of a sinless person, the righteous for the unrighteous (1 Peter 3:18). Jesus agreed to pay the penalty for us (that's true love), as long as we agreed to let Him. Because He was sinless, He was qualified to do so. As soon as He gave His life for us we were free. The penalty had been paid, and we were able to avoid the consequences of being unable to pay.

    Therefore people don’t go to Hell to pay the penalty for their sins. They go to Hell because they can’t pay the penalty and refused to let Jesus pay it for them. So they will spend an eternity paying for their sins because they can never pay for them in full.

    The last word Jesus spoke on the cross was "tetelestai" in the Greek. Most times it's translated "it is finished." But the literal translation is "paid in full." It's a commercial term used in Jesus's day. It was written across invoices when they were paid up. Also back then, when someone was convicted of a crime, the "charges" were written down and the paper attached to the door of the jail cell.

    When the sentence was completed, "tetelestai" was written across the charges and the paper given to the newly released prisoner. Not only was he set free, but he had the evidence that the penalty for his crime was paid in full. He could never be charged for this crime again.

    So it is with Jesus and you. He paid for your sins in full.

    Listen to this explanation. The details will amaze you:

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    "Random tragedy"? Like what? Drinking and driving, shot, jumping off a cliff? Which one involves God? Even most disease is caused and spread by mankind's own ignorance.

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    There's no logic to it.

    It's almost as if god is imaginary huh ?

    Why was I born with all the breaks ?

    Why are there millions of kids die with none at all ?

    Of course the devout follower will excuse their heavenly terror man of anything.


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    We're just characters from God's RPG game in the making. It has some flaws.

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    It is a blanket statement used by religious leaders to get people to stop asking them challenging questions


    God can test us but we cannot test God...Hmmmmm I wonder why.

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    Life is not man's plans but God's - his ways are not our ways

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